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Howdy y’all.

Allow me to preface this entry with a lingual note: neither my vast knowledge of the english language, nor my vast knowledge of googling for translations, has given me an apt translation for the Norwegian word “valgkamp”. The best i can come up with is electoral campaign, being the period before elections where parties do stuff to get votes. Oh yeah.

So anyways. This weekend, I attended the electoral campaign conference of my political party, Red. Or The Red Party, as wikipedia calls us. Lots of interesting stuff happened, I want to focus on one thing: the new coffee mugs!


Best. Mug. Ever!

Not only is it awesome in shape and whiteness, but the logo is just sexy as hell! The image is a little bit blurry, it looks even better on the actual mug. It makes every sip of coffee awesome.


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As I sit here in the library pretending to be working on my two papers and presentation (yet not because I totally left all of my books in my mother’s car), I have decided to write a blog for BRBcoffee. I have neglected you, my old friend, and for that I am sorry.

I’d like to start off with some bitching. For the past, oh, 3 weeks I have been getting some incredibly shitty sleep. See, the root of the problem is that my internal schedule does not align with that of mainstream America. Waking up at 6:00 AM just isn’t my style. Like some dark, slimy creature risen from the Underworld with hopes of destroying the human race, it’s simply…unnatural. Having to go to bed by 10 PM is blasphemy as well, yet I try and try and try and try to do it, day after day after day after day, because I have to.  I try to use the weekends to recharge, but that has not been happening these past few weeks and that is why I feel like I am losing my mind. Also, last night I dreamt all night about weird ass shit, the only particulars I remember are the following-
being forcefully kissed by this dude:

and then falling in love with this one:

I don’t know these boys, mind you! They are simply members of a band I saw one time, thought, “Eh, they’re alright. That one dude looks like Robert Plant and Jesus,” and briefly mentioned in a blog. You see? My mind is fucked, my friends.

I have found a remedy though. You take a cup of hot water, dissolve into it a nighttime cold medicine tablet, add a shot of whiskey and some honey, and proceed to drink it rapidly because it tastes fucking sick. In my neck o’ the woods, we call these “nighttime toddies.” They aren’t exactly good for you, hence I can’t drink them every night, but my God do they make you sleep like a little baby.

In other news, today is Thursday. That means tomorrow I work at my volunteer job, and then the weekend shall be upon me! Yay! Oh…except I have to write two papers and create a presentation sometime within that joyousness, but that’s okay because it’s the WEEKEND!

[Umm…I just looked over at the computer screen of the person next to me and she was staring hypnotically at a video of a lighter burning…dropping some acid, are we???]

Alas, it is 4:49 and I must leave you all in order to catch my ride. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and dream about making out with dudes who look like Jesus.


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Pardon the pun people, but the point is: I’ve got overalls!

I had overalls growing up, and I just loved how comfy they are. And also practical! And I wanted overalls to wear for those casual and laid back occasions that my life seems to be based entirely on lately.

Well, now I won’t have to long for overalls any longer, because my wonderful mother gave me these last week. So now I’m cleaning the apartment sporting a denim overall from my mother and a Bon Jovi t-shirt from my father. Parents are the best! (And yes, I know, this is totally the 80’s look…)

I actually have a pair of red overalls from the year I graduated High School. A nice norwegian tradition is to wear a pair of red overalls for 17 days, without cleaning them, while doing stupid stuff. This is me sporting the red “Russe”-overalls on a mountain hike. They were actually quite good for the purpose. Practical. Lots of pockets.

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But enough with the overall-talk, I was supposed to tell you about my weekend! I’m done with my year of political studies, and I don’t have to go into work until tuesday. Conclusion: This weekend is the best!

Tonight is also my favorite yule-tide tradition: The tasting of the Yule-tide brew! There are 5 brews in our test-group, and we will rate which one is the best. I will also make a nice yule-tide dinner, and we have aquavit to go with it. A very norwegian evening with fish, beer and aquavit.

Yes people: Frida loves her life when she isn’t stressed about exams!


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Due to college-related stress, I had a nervous breakdown about 10 minutes ago. The first thing I did was call my mom, hoping to get a sympathetic ear- long story short, she’s not exactly a sensitive soul. The next person I tried was my sister- no answer on the telephone. So, my last resort: a big slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. “Ahh, finally the solace I need,” I thought to myself as I devoured the first bite. Immediately, my tears stopped and my nerves settled. As I went in for my second bite, a thought occured to me…put down the pie, and pick up the laptop. Yes! BRBcoffee would be the perfect place to vent my frustrations to the general Norwegian/West Virginian universe in a way that didn’t go straight to my chin(s). The pie is still next to me, but I have not touched it since I opened this web page.

And now, onto why I came to BRBcoffee in the first place: to vent!

Back story:
I am a student transferring from my 2-year Community College to a 4-year University- more specifically Eastern Washington University. I graduated from said Community College this past summer and decided to take a quarter off in order to give myself plenty of time to transfer to EWU.

Current reason why I am stressed:
Eastern took waaaaay longer than promised to review my transcript, accept me as a student, and allow me to declare a major (something I have yet to be able to do). I was finally scheduled for an appointment today with the department head, but got a call that she was not going to be in after all. Well, the woman who I was talking to decided she would help me register for classes over the phone- she suggested Statistics (which was full but she would open a seat for me), a stress management class (also full), and an online class as my only options. I went along with it but mentioned to her that I was pretty sure I didn’t need a Stats class for what I was going into. Turns out, I had been directed to the completely wrong department. All the work I had gone through this past month with calling people, trying to get appointments set up, encountering endless road bumps- all a complete waste of time, and now there is a very small likelihood that I will be able to get into any classes.

Core of the issue: If I don’t get into Eastern by this following quarter, I am going to feel like a failure. My father will be disappointed in me, but more importantly- I will be disappointed in me. I often fear that I am doing nothing productive with my life and that I, basically, suck. College, however, was my small salvation. Though it was a terrible process for me on some days, I forced myself to go and do well in order to say, “I’m not a complete waste of skin.” It made my family proud of me and made me feel less guilty for living a privileged life. Now that I think about it, most of my self-identity was centered around school. Sad, I know, but not being able to go to school just seems completely devastating. I could try and fail to get a job, I guess, but I just don’t feel like it’d be worth it.

Maybe it’s a problem solely with me, or maybe it’s a problem with the fucked-up system known as America. All I know is that I’m not very happy. At least right now, I’m not. I don’t like that feeling of stomach-churning anxiety (which inevitably leads to diarrhea- TMI?) everytime I do anything. I don’t know, maybe I need help.

There is one thing I know for sure, I need to get this off my chest:


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As none of you may know, this past couple of weeks I have been dieting. This weekend, I failed at said diet. I had been doing really good, honestly, what with eating about 1000-1200 calories a day and exercising for at least an hour. But then, yesterday, I pretty much binged. Well, it wasn’t a horrible binge, but I ate about 500 calories of stuff I didn’t need and usually try to avoid (i.e. heavenly sour dough bread, chip-idy doo da’s, straight up alcohol, etc.). To top it all off, I didn’t even exercise. Booyah! Of course, I feel guilty today- but not guilty enough to not eat a piece of homemade apple coffee cake. 😀

Here is my resolution: tomorrow, I jump right back on the ol’ diet bandwagon. Smoothie for breakfast, cup of veggie chili for lunch, and something lean for supper. Le sigh…

Onto more entertaining news, a big, fluffy stray black cat wandered over to my house today! Judging by her well-maintained coat of fur and friendliness to us human folk, she was definitely a house cat. She kept meowing at me and would follow me around the yard. I wanted to steal her! But that would be a bad idea as I am already drowning in a house of fur, thanks to my seven feline babies. My mother and I figured she belonged to the house across the street, but nobody was home when we went over to return her. Not knowing what else to do, we set up a little outdoor cat house for her just in case her people never came home. I wonder if she is still there….

And in even more entertaining news, I’m pretty sure my mother has been possessed by the ghost of Chris Farley’s character in ‘Tommy Boy.’ She is literally sleeping on a nearby couch, half-eaten piece of cake at her side, with her feet twitching about as if she is dream-running, and mumbling some strange nonsense. Dear God.

I bid you adieu!

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