Alright! You found the elusive About-page! Congratulations! This is where I spend a few minutes telling you about BRBcoffee! So you want to know what on earth this madhouse is, and how we got here? Good, let’s go!

It started out as a personal myspace blog. I know, don’t judge me, it was a different time! Anyway, once I realized that myspace was probably not the best starting point for the revolution, I migrated to Google’s blogspot platform. On blogspot I enjoyed good times and good company, and the name of the blog, if memory serves, was Burnie’s Thinktank, or something to that effect. Like any good geek would, I grew weary of the limitations of blogspot, and decided to move on to bigger and better things. [Enter The Tree Trembeulers]

I set my eyes on tumblr. Why I did this, I cannot for the life of me fathom, although it did have one thing that I needed: support for cooperation. It was around this time that I did some simple math and realized that if I doubled the amount of authors working on the blog, I would also double the amount and frequency of new content! A novel idea indeed, so I went ahead and tripled, that’s right, tripled the staff. Newcomers Elaine and Vegard joined, and we formed The Three Trembeulers, which we stuck with for, oh, two whole months? Turns out, tumblr is a microblogging service… You can’t expect me to google these things before I make decisions!

And so we moved, again! And the story creeps up on the present. With deep consideration and the vigilance of a dictator, I renamed the blog BRBcoffee, with absolutely no regard for my fellow bloggers’ feelings. I bought domains, lots of them, .net, .org, .info, .com, I owned them all! I got us a host, and I learned the magic of wordpress. Since that point, the design has undergone but marginal changes, but for some reason authors kept chiming in!

And then came the dark ages. I ran out of creativity, for some reason coinciding with my running out of spare time and money. Now, I’m not so arrogant as j claim that just because I didn’t write anymore, the blog fell asunder, but an absent admin is a bit disheartening, and downtimes among other things saw some of my priced co-authors leave for greener pastures, to be their own masters as it were. So here we are, with years of history, a database that has been through more transplants than Michael Jackson, and hardly more authors than I had back on myspace. But does that mean the end? Oh no, not I, I will survive! I am back from outer space, and boy, do I have stories to tell you! The old posts are still there, and will always be there, like ancient invaluable scrolls that must never be allowed to disappear into obscurity. Things will continue to change though, hopefully for the better, and if you ever see new things pop up, head on over here and read the next chapter in BRBcoffee history!

And here we are! The tattered remnants of a time gone by, and protagonists of stories yet untold. We are the masterminds that bring you the deliciousness that is BRBcoffee! Aren’t we pretty? You can click the pictures to read each of our introductions.

Admin Burnie
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Author Elaine
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Author Frida
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And by our powers combined, this is BRBcoffee! Which you should follow on twitter, just to make sure you don’t miss out on any awesome.

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