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Hey guys! Just thought I ought to let you know that I’m about to go insane! So that’s fun! What’s new in your world? Anyway, I want to do something with the wallpapers page, and I’m too lazy to try to coerce my host into letting me program that page with python, so for now I just want everyone to send me their wallpapers, and I’ll add them manually. Sound alright? Here, I’ll make it easy for you, just click this!

Also, wanna try something fun? This will let you go batshit and shoot websites to smithereens! Drag it to your bookmarks bar and you can use it anywhere! It’s great for getting out internet aggression, and I recommend using it on the comments on youtube 🙂

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As a tribute to mine and my family’s cat, Snurre, I would like to dedicate this entry to him, and them!

This cat was truly a good, and rather special, companion through the past 5 years. Through my childhood and youth, my parents have taken cats from outside into our warm friendly home, connected with them, and become good friends, even though every cat we had, suffered the same outcome at last. Killed in traffic. Such a tragedy happens to a lot of cats here, and everywhere with traffic, I assume.

Well, the tales of this one last kitty are many, and this cat has barely survived through a short but colorful life. Many times we’ve sat in the living room stumbled by this cat bringing its prey for the evening home, or hunted birds in our back yard, to the amusement of our utterly weird but amazing dog. This cute little thing would hide in spots people would never even imagine looking, it would mew over noting, and mess with our dogs mind, and play games with it, letting the dog chase him, and then disappear, only to make the dog completely crazy by not finding the cat. This Changed, even though our cat never was the kind of guy to be lying in our lap, we easily saw his mind was changed after the one time he disappeared for 3 to 4 months or so.

A few times before, he’d be gone a while, and whilst on vacation in Trøndelag, we had to leave without him. Then one day, this young boy called the number on his collar, and my dad picked up. The kid asked where he’d come, and my dad said Bodø, and the kid just barely believed him, since this is 700km away. Snurre got a taxi drive from Trøndelag the next day. But this one day he was gone, we waited, and waited, but Snurre never came. After a couple of weeks we assumed the worst, and got through the grief of losing our friend. After 3 months we saw him 6km away from our house, but didn’t stop, because the cat couldn’t be this far away. A month later we got a call by a woman seeing one of our old posters. She had a black cat, that looked like he was lost, our cat was, so we naturally went to see him. It was him.

By that time he changed a lot, and he had lately gone back to a normal state of mind, though he was the weirdest pet I’ve ever had. If you let him out one door, he would walk around the house, and mew to get in, only to go out the same way he did last time. Sometimes Snurre made me fucking crazy. Hunting birds he stuck one of his teeth’s to his lip wile falling from a tree. Later he disappeared again, and someone came by and said they found this female cat in the ditch after being struck by a car. I saw the cat, but didn’t have no female pet, so I said sorry, and they went along. A week later my sister saw a poster, and we got our cat back, again… He was hurt badly, but survived. This time, he changed even more, and reacted to our dog, never played, and avoided everyone but my sister. He slept in her bed. Now this last incident happened, yesterday that is. Again, he was run over by a car, destroying his leg. The damages were too severe. At least the driver stopped after seeing him running into our garage, and informed us of this. He bled, and mewed a lot, until he went to the vet. After that, silence. I will never forget the look in my sisters’ eyes when she told me.

Thank you, for being a good friend, a soft pillow, the weirdest cat I ever knew, and the cute little kitty we had.

As you were, soldier


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