[I’ll start this off on a side-note: Bloody brilliant- after months of being involved with BRBcoffee, I just now figured out how to edit my “About Me” page.  Not that figuring it out should have been hard for the average person (it involved the extraneous effort of  clicking the “edit” button on this page…), but that should tell you that I am not an average person. No, indeed, I am half-genius and half-lunatic and that is something you simply don’t encounter everyday, or maybe you do and for that you should be thankful. Now, let’s get down to business.]

I am currently a student in the grand ol’ United States of America, studying “Counseling, Educational, and Developmental Psychology,” which basically means I plan on being a counselor/therapist someday. I still have about 4-5 years to go, depending on where I choose to complete my Post-Baccalaureate degree (Master’s for all you non-fancy people), and then I shall be free! All jesting aside, I actually kinda enjoy college. *See above for half-lunatic note

When it comes to this blog, I am probably known as the “freaky” contributor, meaning I post about whatever random-ass shit comes into my head. From Unicorns to complaining about menstruation, there is really no topic I consider “un-bloggable.” By no means does this have to do with me being daring or courageous, instead it has mostly to do with the fact that my self-edit button doesn’t really work too well and I don’t think about the implications of what I write about until they have happened. Of course, sometimes I do know what the implications will be, but I just don’t care enough to stop myself.

Many of the authors on here are politically motivated. I used to be, but now I have entered more of a self-indulgent “the world is a happy place and all I care about is music” type of phase. Don’t get me wrong, I’m likely to go ape-shit on your ass if you start talking to me about Sarah Palin, tax cuts for the rich, and/or anything “tea party,” but I honestly don’t invest myself enough in learning the intricacies of what’s going to put together an effective/coherent argument pro- or against- whatever. That being said, don’t be too surprised if I enter another political phase in the future before my time with BRBcoffee is through (2012 is coming up, right?).

I’ve said my piece, now go and read the other author bios or, better yet, go back to the website and enjoy all of our wondrous blogs!

Forever Yours,
Elaine AKA The Unicorn Whisperer

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