I don’t feel up for sharing the story of my life right now, but you can expect it to come out in drips and pieces.

But I can reveal this tonight:

My name is Frida, and I come from a small city in the north of Norway called Bodø. In January of 2011, however, I finally left this ice-cold, windblowing, boring place to go to Tromsø, “The Nordic Paris”. Tromsø is a bigger city than Bodø, it has a better University, and it is further north. (I know, I’m crazy. The Polar Circle is now so far south of me I can’t even get there by train anymore… Because Tromsø doesn’t have any trains. Fucked up, my friends!)

I love writing and sharing my feelings, ideologies and stories about my everyday life. I also do some creative writing, but I hardly share it, and doubt that I will. Some stuff is just too private for the public eye. The rest is just too crappy, I guess. In order for art to really be any good it usually has to be personal and private, or at least on some level based on personal experience, and so the books I like and the music I love is that which seems the most genuine to me. And the same goes for the blogs I read.

I heard about BRBcoffee from a couple of contributing friends, and after having read it for some time I really wanted to join in on contributing. Seeing as I live in the north of Norway I will only be able to update when the internet-people come into town once a month, but the updates will probably include some interesting anecdotes about how to escape attacks from polar bears and surviving frostbites, so I hope I will have something new to add to this all ready amazing blog.

I look forward to being a part of this, and I hope that our readers and my fellow authors won’t be disappointed in me.

I have no catch-phrase yet, so instead I will add this picture of me looking my best:

Please enjoy!


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