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Pardon the pun people, but the point is: I’ve got overalls!

I had overalls growing up, and I just loved how comfy they are. And also practical! And I wanted overalls to wear for those casual and laid back occasions that my life seems to be based entirely on lately.

Well, now I won’t have to long for overalls any longer, because my wonderful mother gave me these last week. So now I’m cleaning the apartment sporting a denim overall from my mother and a Bon Jovi t-shirt from my father. Parents are the best! (And yes, I know, this is totally the 80’s look…)

I actually have a pair of red overalls from the year I graduated High School. A nice norwegian tradition is to wear a pair of red overalls for 17 days, without cleaning them, while doing stupid stuff. This is me sporting the red “Russe”-overalls on a mountain hike. They were actually quite good for the purpose. Practical. Lots of pockets.

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But enough with the overall-talk, I was supposed to tell you about my weekend! I’m done with my year of political studies, and I don’t have to go into work until tuesday. Conclusion: This weekend is the best!

Tonight is also my favorite yule-tide tradition: The tasting of the Yule-tide brew! There are 5 brews in our test-group, and we will rate which one is the best. I will also make a nice yule-tide dinner, and we have aquavit to go with it. A very norwegian evening with fish, beer and aquavit.

Yes people: Frida loves her life when she isn’t stressed about exams!


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With this as my first entry to brbcoffee, I’m going to tell you about something rare, even for my hometown Bodø: Eagles. But not just that there are eagles though, most local people have seen an eagle, because everyone with an eye open can spot them from far away, gliding gracefully somewhere on the bright blue sky. To be even more specific, Bodø is widely known for their sea eagles, the most beautiful, majestic bird you can ever imagine roaming the horizon.

Anyhow, I’ve been fishing with my dad and uncle these past few days, not paying much attention to these birds flying in the horizon, but today was not like the other days. Today this 1.5 meter wide, big bird flew straight down towards our boat. I experienced something I am sure only one in a million people get to experience, 3 meters away from our boat this majestic se eagle flies, probably hungry as hell, hence its being as close as this.

Everyone knows seagulls, these awfully noisy white and grey monsters, following boats and or nesting on your rooftops. They do anything, anything I say, to get their hands on food. Whatever kind of shitty eatable thing you throw to them, they will eat it. So obviously they where feasting in our fish guts, but the second the eagle appeared they became very aware of the danger in being in its attack zone. That pack of seagulls were therefore scattered in every direction as the eagle arrived.

Big and scary as it was, the eagle frightened the seagulls so much they did not dare to pick the guts out of the water before the eagle had taken its part. The second a seagull would try to outsmart it, the eagle would bash into it and force it away. You might say eagles are somewhat bigger than a seagull, this giving the big clawed bird the absolute advantage. This was the most amazing sight ever. I cannot put words on how cool, admirable, majestic and beautiful it was. Too bad I forgot both my cell AND my SLR…  We did not get much fish though!

If I ever where to reincarnate or be able to change myself into an animal, I would definitely be a sea eagle. Being the king of the sky, hovering over the ocean, and flying into the sunset sounds like a fantastic dream I would do almost anything to be in.

As you were, soldier!

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