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Merry Christmas y’all! Did you have a good holiday? I got 10 days back with my entire family, and my brother’s girlfriend spent her first Christmas in Norway with us. It was all pretty fantastic. I got a limit break’s worth of stuff, apparently that’s what Christmas is about now, but I’m not complaining. The present I appreciate the most was also the simplest, and about the only thing I really knew I wanted beforehand: a set of knitting needles and some yarn.

So that’s what I’m doing these days, I’m knitting. I haven’t been doing this since elementary school, so I needed a project that would let me get back into the stuff, and that would allow me to practice. Can you guess what it is? I suppose everyone starts with this, so it’s not really original or anything. Here’s another hint:

Knitted red square

Wow, my Jelly Bean ROM’s camera is bad!

So it’s a washcloth? Nope, it’s gonna be a ridiculously long scarf! That’s right, Burnie’s making a scarf for himself. Are you surprised by the choice of color? I got the tools and the yarn from my godmother, and she said she didn’t even consider any other colors. Apparently people know me. I got three balls of red yarn, but It think an entirely red scarf will be sorta boring. It’s too late to make it a Doctor Who scarf, but I’m definitely making that later. I am heading to a crafting store today and getting some more colors for sure, I can make red flags for the revolution when it draws closer. I’ve joined ravelry after someone in the #desertbus irc channel suggested it to me, and I’ve found some really cool patterns already. Just try and tell me you don’t want this black mage pattern for your oven mitten thingiemajigger, what do you even call these?

In other news, I’m removing the comment section. Everything doesn’t need to be commentable on the internet. If you want to comment on a post, tweet about it! You can even get us involved by mentioning @BRBcoffee!

So long

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