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That’s how easy it is!

Right click – queue song. And it plays after the current song. It is a remarkable feature which has been made popular by, among other things, Spotify. Even  Rhythmbox, the awesome linux music player, has it. Comeon, Apple!!

That is my entire message for today, as I am swamped with exams and stuff.

Also, when i googled “queue function”, this picture came as a result:

Asian guy in weird pose wants a queue function!!


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11:00 PM on my last non-school-night.

I’m marking the occasion by being bored and updating my iPod. I thought I’d share the experience with you, my two loyal readers, so that you could be bored with me.

Let’s start off with some info about my iPod.

Yes, its name is Petey. Don’t ask why. Take a closer gander at my playlists, though, it may reveal a deeper insight into my life. Actually, it doesn’t really reveal anything about my life, besides the fact that I use my iPod mainly for roadtrips, sleeping, bath-taking, and being emo. Upon further review of the contents of “Emo Times,” I find myself enraptured in laughter:

The Crystal Ship    The Doors
Go Your Own Way    Fleetwood Mac
Dirty Diana    Michael Jackson
Weak and Powerless    A Perfect Circle
The Outsider    A Perfect Circle
15 Step    Radiohead
Eulogy    Tool
Pushit    Tool
Vicarious    Tool
White Summer/Black Mountain Side    Led Zeppelin
The Zookeeper’s Boy    Mew

Is it a good or bad thing that the closest thing I have to emo music is “Dirty Diana?” I’m gonna go with good.

Changing subjects, I’ve been somewhat in love with The Police as of late. I don’t think I really need to give a reason as to why I’m in love with them; they’re fucking awesome.

(Just a side note here- I have headphones on and I’m the only one upstairs, but I swear to Jesus it just sounded like somebody was walking around behind me. I think I may have sharted my pants a little. I pray it is the ghost of Michael.)


I also went to a show a couple night’s ago. The main performing band was Alter Bridge (you know, Creed minus the overly-Jesusey/alcoholic Scott Stapp and with the addition of Spokane boy Myles Kennedy?), but there were a couple of fairly decent openers: “Like A Storm” and “Taddy Porter.”

Brief description of “Like A Storm:” What seems like your typical douchey hardcore emo band is in reality a group of pretty New Zealand boys that like to play loud music and scream a lot. Overall, surprisingly good. I’m not usually a fan of such bands, but they actually do have some awesome talent behind their cliche manner. I didn’t care for their attempt at covering an Alice In Chains song (a band which should never, ever be covered), but oh well. Acoustic versions make them sound nicer!

As for “Taddy Porter:” The lead singer looks and sounds like the love child of Robert Plant and Joe Cocker (if you don’t know who those people are, then shame on you), the bass player has the most epic red hair I have ever seen, the guitarist is downright fantastic, and the drummer is…well…a fine drummer. They did an okay cover of “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” but it didn’t really deviate in any way from the original so why even bother? Linkage to a video: Whatever Haunts You

(Damnit, I heard the walking again! Please be cats…please be cats…please be cats…)

Shit, this was a long entry. My bad.

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