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I’m sick of opening this web page and the first thing I see being that depressing, way-too-serious blog of mine, so I have decided to write a new one!

Now, now, what to write about…


I should’ve thought this one through a little better…

Oh! I can write about the strange happening that occurred this day. Some of you may already know of it (cough, Michael, cough), but most probably do not. It all started with me deciding to mow the front yard as a kind gesture to my mother. I went outside in my mowing finest (AKA gross pants/shirt combo with awesome grass-stained shoes) and started to pull the mower out of the garage when, all of a sudden, this man- late-20’s, good looking- comes a-walkin’ up the driveway. I was a little, no- A LOT- wary at first because that kind of thing just doesn’t happen where I live. Turns out, his car had broken down on his way to a city nearby and he needed some gas money. He’d been wandering around my neighborhood for two hours with no luck. Of course, he didn’t just outright ask for a donation on my part, he offered to work for it. So, I told him he could mow the front yard for me and I’d pay him $10. He was happy to do it and so I went inside and, as any rational person would do, ran around and locked all the doors and then watched him suspiciously as he completed the task.

{On a side note, I should add that before he started mowing he asked me if I wanted him to mow in any particular pattern, as in diagonal lines or whatever. I responded with a, “No, it doesn’t matter,” to which he then responded, “Oh alright, I didn’t want to upset your husband or anything.” Despite my intense urge to laugh hysterically, I decided it would be a good idea to let him believe that I was a married woman. I figured he’d probably be less likely to kill and/or rape me if he knew I was married. Why I thought that, I do not know. Another thought that passed through my mind was, “Hey, if he does decide to rape me, at least he’s hot.”}

Anyways, he finished the job, I paid him, and he went on his merry way. I guess he really was a decent person who just needed some gas money. I felt kinda bad for the guy. I mean, he’s stranded in a city fondly known as Spokompton (Note: Spokompton = a play on words combining Spokane and Compton. Additional note: Compton is basically the most hardcore, dangerous, gang-filled city on the West Coast.) and has no idea how to get enough money to get the hell out. I hope he somehow managed to find some help and eventually gets home okay.

And that was my story of the day. My song of the day is “No One’s Gonna Love You” by Band of Horses. It’s pretty much my song of the past month, actually. Ya’ll should listen to it:

We are the ever-living ghost of what once was.

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You know what grinds my gears? Have a blessed day!

I answered the phone because my doctor’s office called, and at the end they said “have a blessed day.” I walked into starbucks today and was told to “have a blessed day.” Why might this bother a religious person, you may ask? I’LL TELL YOU WHY.

These companies–whether it be starbucks or my doctor’s office–use “have a blessed day” to make us tip them. To make us think to ourselves ‘Why looky there! There’s a nice person, she even told me to have a blessed day’ or ‘man, I should donate ALL MY MONEY to this person.’

IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THAT. Human beings shouldn’t use religion as an excuse to get money. They shouldn’t use their religion to get ahead in this world. However, tell any politician that, tell any church that, tell any human being that. We use everything to get more money, whether it be our children or our religion.

Why the hell are we so focused on this money? How do we justify bringing our own religion into something to get a little more of it?

Where the hell is the line? Where will we say “oh, wait a minute, that isn’t cool” to someone telling us to have a blessed day, or that the Lord will bless and keep us? AND, finally, WHEN THE FUCK WILL MONEY NOT MATTER SO MUCH IN MODERN SOCIETY? (go socialists go go go!)

Anyway, have a blessed day.

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