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Good morning.

As the green goblin said in the spider-man movie, forty thousand years of evolution and we’ve barely even tapped the vastness of human potential. Or in the spirit of Kelso in that 70s show, it’s the 1970s, things should have round edges by now! It’s almost 2011 for crying out loud, and yet stupid sicknesses like the flu still roam the lands, infecting people at willy-nilly. Shouldn’t we have been able to cure that shit by now?

I want my bionic exoskeleton that protects me from diseases and makes me awesome. Why are nobody working on this? Surely we’ve seen enough movies of aliens featuring Will Smith to know that exoskeletons are awesome?

Also, during the night when I was unable to sleep, I thought of a list of things that are more awesome to do because of having a mustache. Sadly, I have forgotten what those things were.

Full of holiday cheer,


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Hola hola hola, oatmeal and granola!

On the buss today, I heard of something that is nothing short of the most awesome thing ever. I dare say it even beats that time George Bush tried walking out a prop door (and while writing this word, I had a massive brain fart. I was unable to write door, i tried doar, dore, dor, nothing worked. Finnaly my good old pal Ferdinand helped me out).

Anyways. Apparently, in a town in Norway called Grimstad, a bunch of guys decided they wanted to do something to help make the world a better place. So they started a thing, called Mustachevember! Or Bartvember if you are Norwegian. The idea: The entire month of November, they grow a delicious, beautiful, untrimmed mustache! On their website, people can vote for the best mustache (costs 5 kr by SMS), and the winner gets crowned mustache-king! Apart from this, the addition of a mustache to a face everyone knows without a hairpiece, will surely cause conversation about the project. Woo!

These are "Les Bartenders", the runner up in the mustache king competition!

This initiative is sponsored by a bunch of corporations and stuff, and all the money they get goes to some charity. This year it goes to an organisation that works to prevent and uncover violence against children and take care of children who are subject to are subject to violence.

Once again mustaches prove to be a life-altering and wonderful thing. <3


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