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Good evening!

Since my last entry, not much has changed in my life. School hasn’t started, politics has not picked up (as I am as of writing this without any positions or duties), and I am starting to.. STARTING TO! Get bored. Wow, understatement of the year. Well, it’s early in the year so I shouldn’t gamble about. At least understatement of the week.

So what have I been doing? Well, I have read the first book in the Emperor-series by Conn Iggulden, which tells the story of Julius Caesars life as a series of novels. It is historically accurate, and where it isn’t the author lets you know what he had to change and why (usually for story-telling purposes, like fictional characters to fill the voids that history has left open, or wars changed to fit with the storyline of the book and stuff). It is awesome! I have learned stuff, like how both the title Kaiser and Tsar derive from Caesar. What a magnificent man he must have been, to have his very surname come to be synonymous with king. Dude!

Yes yes. I have also played a good deal of GTA IV, seen the entire 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and today i spent 3 hours organizing my music folder. See, my girlfriend is, to put it lightly, more into music than me. So she gave me all the music she has on her computer. My 6.6 gb library suddenly exploded into a messy 82 gb one!! Well, I have yet to listen to half of the music, and yet I have already found several artists to love. But the folders were uncategorized and messy!! I fixed it. Neat and orderly. Very nice. Mjes.

Actually I am listening to Bob Dylan right now, but I googled "bored" and found this frog!

I have also watched all the seasons of Black Adder (awesome!!), the first season of My Name is Earl, a few episodes of seinfeld and a bunch of other movies. I really need life to pick up! Give me studies and politics before I go insane!! Sorry about the long entry about boredom. That couldn’t have been fun to read.


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Christmas, Xmas, jul, holidays, kerst, weinachten, Joulu, natale, noël, or whatever you call it is right upon us by now. But what the heck is all the fuzz about this shitstorm of toys, santas, candy, expectations, giving gifts, “happy people” and annoying shopping music?

Usually I avoid going shopping or so, just because of all the people, the noise and shitty music played in the stores. Now I get queasy just thinking about standing an hour in a sauna to get the correct stuff, then paying for it, topped of by crappy noisy Christmas music.

We are expected to give gifts to one another, and if you give only a few people gifts, the rest will feel forgotten and sad because they too wanted a gift from you if your other friends got one. Simply this is a dilemma easy to fix, don’t by gifts! At least that’s what I do! Gifts for family is OK though! But why empty your wallet on stuff people usually don’t need?!!

Stores sell us Christmas, but at which price? Well, they earn truckloads of money, and start selling candy and presents as early as after Halloween, which is a chapter for itself! dumb as we are, we buy lots of stuff, and many even use credit cards which they can’t pay back afterwards. Our community and expectations from those around us actually drives a few down the path to bankruptcy… Is this what you want to happen to people in Christmas times?

Happiness… Why are we supposed to be more happy in the holidays? Shouldn’t we be trying to cheer people up all the year, instead of the one “happy” month. I really don’t see why we are supposed to be more happy this time of the year.

People speak of getting the “Christmas feeling!” This is something I can barely remember having as a child. Now, the closest I think I get to this is Christmas food and old classic cartoons, presents are something I’ve never really enjoyed, due to everyone getting a lot of presents, preferably expensive presents, and me getting almost none in comparison. Christmas has been so industrialized it sickens me.

Although I’m such a negative party pooper, I look forward to the few days I’ve got ahead of me with my family. And kinda hope you all get a nice Christmas!

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As I sit here, clumsily half-drinking, half-spilling my wine, I am suddenly struck with the notion to write a blog about the indescribable topic of love.

But first! The typical, yet wonderful love song playlist:

“Not About Love”  -Fiona Apple
“House of Cards”  -Radiohead
“It Must Be Love”  -Madness
“Love”  -Paul Simon
“Kathy’s Song”  -Simon & Garfunkel
“Resistance”  -Muse
“Love Of My Life”  -Queen
“Let’s Stay Together”  -Al Green
“Nothing Compares 2 U”  -Sinead O’Connor (or Prince if you prefer)
“Overs”  -Simon & Garfunkel
“It Ain’t Me Babe”  -Bob Dylan

Shall we start with an over-simplified analysis? Of course!

Amazingly, I couldn’t find a schematic of love on Google Images, hence I had to go into Microsoft Word and conjure up some semblance of one with poor graphics and inappropriate sarcasm (don’t take offense to this my lovebird readers):

Now here’s a shocker (maybe) for you: I’ve never been in love! That’s right- I’ve never had a real boyfriend or anyone who seemed even remotely interested in me (save that man downtown with the wheelchair…). It’s a bit pathetic, really, and this might just prove to be a bad decision, confessing all of this to you and whatnot, but I don’t really care- at least this blog will be one of genuineness.

So, you might be wondering why the devil little ol’ me wanted to write a blog about a topic I have no personal experience in? Maybe it is my lack of experience which intrigues me so. Love is a universal subject which all beings are involved in, some way or another. We all want it, we are all burned by it at some point, and yet we always always always come back for more. Can you think of anything else that comes even remotely close to having that kind of absurdity? I cannot.

Let’s finish up this menagerie of rambling with a poll!

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