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Howdy y’all.

Allow me to preface this entry with a lingual note: neither my vast knowledge of the english language, nor my vast knowledge of googling for translations, has given me an apt translation for the Norwegian word “valgkamp”. The best i can come up with is electoral campaign, being the period before elections where parties do stuff to get votes. Oh yeah.

So anyways. This weekend, I attended the electoral campaign conference of my political party, Red. Or The Red Party, as wikipedia calls us. Lots of interesting stuff happened, I want to focus on one thing: the new coffee mugs!


Best. Mug. Ever!

Not only is it awesome in shape and whiteness, but the logo is just sexy as hell! The image is a little bit blurry, it looks even better on the actual mug. It makes every sip of coffee awesome.


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So, why I am posting this late at night you ask?! Well, I simply can’t sleep. I’ve just laid awake staring into complete darkness for 5 hours now. (Its 0530, GMT+1)  This just might have something to do with the fact that i slept for 6 hours after dinner, waking up, only to go to bed.

But what makes this yet another exam post, you ask!? I simply have an exam in 3 hours. I’ve prepared as much as necessary and got, as usual, absolutely no, nada, zero, null, 0, nerves for my upcoming exam(s)… Some envy me this ability to stay calm as if there were no worries in hectic times, but i really don’t understand how they can’t!? Stress is just unnecessary toil!

Just thought I’d let you know! Especially since I’ve been quite busy lately, and haven’t made the time to make an entry in a very long time. But fear not young maidens, I got some near-future-blog-plans coming up!

Now, I’ll just get my ass out of bed, make some coffee, prepare a proper breakfast, and watch cartoons until I have to leave for my exam!

As you were!

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Since last i speedposted outside of my exam locale, alot has happened in my speedy world.

At the moment, i am sitting at a slightly unconfortable chair in Oslo, waiting for my train home. I’ve been here this weekend for a globalization conferance held by the norwegian branch of the world social forum. It has been awesome.

I wish to share a tale I came upon. It is quite sad. Me and my special ladyfriend were sitting at a coffehouse, waiting for the buss. We were sitting in a sofa outside in the snow (but under a pull-out roof and heat lamps), enjoying a nice hot cup of delicious cocoa.

Inside of the store a man sat, by himself. He was enjoying a delicious pastry and a cup of coffe, obviously quite satisfied as he was singing to himself of his achievement. “Nice for him”, I thought.

So, there we are outside of the store in the sofa. He then comes out, and tells us that it looks like we are having a nice time, and that he never could have that when he was young, because he was too shy. Now he is all alone, all his family is dead, no children or grandchildren. Noone he can have a nice time with but himself. He said that if he could go back 40 years, he would do it all differently. Then he told us that he lives in an institution, and they have failed to make him better.

After this extremely sad note, he walked back inside the coffehouse and sat back down at his table. As we walked away I could hear him sing to himself “I am crazy, I am crazy”

Sometimes I hate what this world does to some people. I do hope this poor man finds happiness, because noone should live their last days regretting their life.


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