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Now with 100% more keyboard! I went and bought myself an HTC Desire Z when my Hero mysteriously disappeared last weekend, and it arrived in the mail yesterday! So naturally, it has already been rooted and has had its ROM replaced with a custom one from Team Villain <3

At the present I am heading up to campus after brainwashing recruiting more communists at St. Olav high school in Stavanger. For being such a blue school, they were quite open to our stuff! Fun!

Shiet, didn’t charge my phone last night, only 2% battery left! See ya!

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Here’s to the crazy ones! Gonna do some awesome activism today, but first some fiscal responsiblity, I love when debt gets repaid!

But you don’t care about that, do you? You just want me for my communism! Alright, I’ll indulge. What we’ll be doing today is a simple but delicious act of civil disobedience. They’re discussing the budget at city hall today, and they’re probably gonna pass something that will have terrible consequences for Metropolis, a very successful youth/concert house thingie here in Stavanger. We’re not too happy about this, so we’ll drop a huge ass banner over them inside city hall that reads “PRESERVE METROPOLIS.” Long live imagination, eh? It does sound marginally better in Norwegian though.

Shut up! It’s awesome, we’re awesome, and you know it!

Yours bussingly

Aaaand that went to hell, because politicians are unreliable bastards! Damn! But!: I’ve got a new plan that will at least partly make up for it! I’ll show you later…

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Last week I was at Utøya outside Oslo with Rød Ungdom for our summer camp. I’ve been trying to condense it into one blog post, but there’s just no point in trying, so instead you might get these random tidbits of information. For instance, this is the song that almost everyone woke up to, as we, being awesome, blasted it over the speaker system every morning.

Well, it was an extended version, but still pretty awesome!

And that’s just one more reason to join us.

Yours truly

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