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It seems like I’m late for everything this week… Don’t you just hate the feeling of being late? And since I have neither a car nor a license, I am entirely at the mercy of the bus drivers… and if you live in or around Stavanger, you know that’s not a good thing…

Being late for meetings is the worst, because you’re not just, or even at all, missing out on anything, you’re just holding everybody else up and wasting their time, a commodity few among us have a lot of. And you have to feel their blaming looks when you enter the room. They might play it cool and welcome you, verbally, but you can still feel their eyes stabbing you repeatedly for being such a lazy ass.

As you might have already guessed, that is the situation I am in now. Meeting started one minute ago, unless I am gravely mistaken, which does happen, and I am only on the first of my two busrides, and you just know the next one will be extra super late. It’s raining outside, naturally, so everyone’s mood is already low, and mine will be even worse after I’ve had to wait in the infernal stuff.


I wrote an essay in high school once where I proposed that time was mankind’s most ill-conceived invention, and I stand by what I said back then. The moment we invented time was the moment people started being late for shit, and in all likelyhood the reason why wars sprang into existence. Some head of state came in late one too many times and the exceedingly punctual one, there’s always one of them, just lost his or her shit.

I hate being late. I hate this shitty weather, and I hate time. And why the hell can I add media from the wordpress app, but not decide where it should be placed!?

Song of the blog: Welcome To The Black Parade, by MCR

Yours in good and bad times

PS: I totally updated our about page last night! Go read our story!

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Welcome, one and all, to Burnie’s new concept, the bus blog! I’ll write short entries about whatever is on my mind while I translate myself from home to campus! And what’s on my mind today, you inquire? Why, Burnie’s Bus Blog, of course!

Burnie’s Bus Blog will be notoriously void of images, sadly, a consequence of always being written on my delicious phone, the HTC Hero. I just flashed a new ROM on it, actually, so I.guess I’ that.

“But Burnie, what does that even mean?” You cry out, as the mixed excitement at all these new concepts hits your frontal lobe. Flashing a ROM onto a phone is a kind of dark magic, similar to the act of installing a new operating system on your computer, except the process is much more hacky (read: user-unfriendly).

Bloody hell it’s cold outside! The wait between buses is the worst part of my day.

Where was I? Oh, right. Anyway, for the past months I’ve been using team Villain’s ROM Froyd, which was the best 2.2 ROM for a long time, but the main develiper, Ninpo, ceased development, and in this scene you can’t expect to be on top for long. I don’t know for sure who has the best one now, but the one I flashed last night was Floyo, with the flykernel. It is also 2.2, and is based on Cyanogen’s brilliant mod, just like Froyd was. Cyanogen is still going strong, probably because it isn’t confined to the Hero.

Anyway, Cyanogen and Floyo has incorporated some of the stuff you see in the new HTC Sense interface, which I still feel is the finest Android shell out there, although I left it long ago due to a lack of updates. I’m beginning to realise that this topic might not be suited for a bus blog, it is much too large.

There are rumors of an official 2.2 ROM with sense for the legend next week, which will surely be ported to my phone! That will be  nice.

I’ve arrived!
See you 🙂

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