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Sup dudes and ladydudes! Long time no chat! Guess what I’m doing? I’m hanging out at the NuMusic office! What’s NuMusic you ask? Why it’s this totally awesome festival we’re arranging in Stavanger this fall! Wait, allow me to put on my other hat… There we go! Hi there, I’m Bjørn, the office hermit, pleased to meet you 🙂

So, yeah, NuMusic! Why should you come to this festival, you ask? Because it’s totally awesome, of course! Why is it awesome? Because I work here, duh.

NuMusic banner

You want something more concrete, don’t you? Well, how about I tell you some of the bands that have been released? Yeah, that’d be cool. Are you ready for this? Alright, now please don’t squeal too loudly, you’ll wake the neighbors.

Ze list:

  • Datarock (remember what I said about squealing now)
  • Grandmaster Flash
  • Anti Pop Consortium
  • Mount Kimbie

Alright! But hold your horses, the ticket system isn’t up just yet. But we’re hard at work getting it ready for the masses! Just remember, you charge when I shout charge!

Hasta NuMusic siempre!

In other news, the server guys are giving me shit about cpu overusage, but I’m working with some guys to get it worked out. We’ll be up and flying again in no time! And there’s one little secret still in the works, which I don’t really want to spoil beforetime, seeing as it can still fall into pieces in my hands, but rest assured, it’s gonna be wicked.

What do I want you to walk away with having read this post?
Never count the Burnie out, and get your gorgeous ass over to!

Song of the blog: Don’t Stop Me Now

Yours forever
The lovely admin

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That’s how easy it is!

Right click – queue song. And it plays after the current song. It is a remarkable feature which has been made popular by, among other things, Spotify. Even  Rhythmbox, the awesome linux music player, has it. Comeon, Apple!!

That is my entire message for today, as I am swamped with exams and stuff.

Also, when i googled “queue function”, this picture came as a result:

Asian guy in weird pose wants a queue function!!


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I just got back from possibly the best 3 hours of my life: an Elton John concert. The man is a God. Seriously. Okay, maybe I’m slightly delusional but something- no, everything about him speaks to my soul! The way he moves on stage (something in between a gremlin and hobbit), the way his short/stubby fingers caress the ivory keys, the way he belts out a note for way too long but somehow pulls it off….he is magic, I tell you. MAGIC!!!

I must admit, I have loved Elton for some time. Ever since high school when my friend introduced me to his amazing records, he’s been one of my favorites. And guess what, ya’ll…he played my favorite song tonight!

“And Jesus, he wants to gooo to Venus!
And leave Levon far behi-i-ind!
Take a balloon and go sailing,
While Levon, Levon slowly dies!!!!!!

He was born a pauper to a pawn,
On a Christmas day,
When the New York Times said God is dead,
And the war’s begun.
Alvin Tostig had a son today-aaaay-yayay!”

It’s so good. I’m not even joking you, I had a tear in my eye on some of his songs (i.e. “Candle In the Wind,” “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me,” and “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word”). That could possibly be due to the fact that I am PMSing right now, but I like to think it has to do with the raw emotion only my Elty can accomplish.

And now, dear readers, I am off to bed! Tomorrow I must get up and get a haircut. I’m kinda rockin’ a mullet right now, so I definitely need it.


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I bet you’ve all been wondering to yourselves “Gee, I wonder why Frida hasn’t bothered us with more stupid anecdotes and feminist propaganda lately????”

I bring to you: The answer to your unasked question!

I’ve been drowning in schoolwork. And political work. And just being too cool to hang around on (Just kidding! You can’t be too cool for, only not cool enough!)

But like I was saying: I’ve been busy having a life. Also, I kind of broke my computer a bit whilst falling (with perfect form, might I add) on the devilish ice, and now it’s a pain to use for writing longer texts. These days, I basically only use it for Criminal Minds, Special Victims Unit and West Wing (my latest obsession, thanks to my “man-friend” [wink-wink, nudge-nudge]).

So why did I choose today to write this blog? To rub your noses in how my terrible day turned into a great day!

So first I deliver to you the story of my last couple of weeks.
I fell on ice and broke both my computer and my dignity. All wounds heal, I have some laught about it, and then it happens again. Only this time there wasn’t a computer there to break my fall.
I pretended to be a doctor and did my diagnosis based on receiving it a couple of times before (last time: Also due to falling on ice. Go figure…) I came to the conclussion that I had a mild concussion. No need to fuss, just some dizziness, constant fatigue and the possibility of throwing up. Also: I shouldn’t really try to read, work out or drink alcohol in a week. Only one problem: I go to university. I have to read! (This week: Truman Capote-In Cold Blood)

Then, after a couple of days mostly spent in bed and sitting down and stuff, I go to work my first shift in this student-bar. And I did hit my head mildly, again, so I didn’t manage to go into work today because standing up made me sick. And I had this meeting, and it was a massive failure, and a lot of things just plain sucked. I drop by my man-friends place to pick up some stuff (he’s in Oslo again, so I’ll have to go to the Wombats-concert alone. And I still can’t drink. Yay!) and I go home. (Doesn’t really sound like this day is getting better, does it?)

Back home I check my mail.

CA-CHING!!!!!!!! (For those of you who can’t read the pixeled [is that a word?] tickets: Me and 4 friends are going to see Foo Fighters! On our way to Roskilde. Yeah, that’s a big festival. In Denmark.)

(Also: I was going to use paper-clips or staples to keep the two sheets of tickets together, but couldn’t find any, so enjoy my sparkling blue hair-clips.)

Oh, and by the way: My hair is red now.

Zooming in and out of focus,
This was Frida.

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Good evening!

Since my last entry, not much has changed in my life. School hasn’t started, politics has not picked up (as I am as of writing this without any positions or duties), and I am starting to.. STARTING TO! Get bored. Wow, understatement of the year. Well, it’s early in the year so I shouldn’t gamble about. At least understatement of the week.

So what have I been doing? Well, I have read the first book in the Emperor-series by Conn Iggulden, which tells the story of Julius Caesars life as a series of novels. It is historically accurate, and where it isn’t the author lets you know what he had to change and why (usually for story-telling purposes, like fictional characters to fill the voids that history has left open, or wars changed to fit with the storyline of the book and stuff). It is awesome! I have learned stuff, like how both the title Kaiser and Tsar derive from Caesar. What a magnificent man he must have been, to have his very surname come to be synonymous with king. Dude!

Yes yes. I have also played a good deal of GTA IV, seen the entire 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and today i spent 3 hours organizing my music folder. See, my girlfriend is, to put it lightly, more into music than me. So she gave me all the music she has on her computer. My 6.6 gb library suddenly exploded into a messy 82 gb one!! Well, I have yet to listen to half of the music, and yet I have already found several artists to love. But the folders were uncategorized and messy!! I fixed it. Neat and orderly. Very nice. Mjes.

Actually I am listening to Bob Dylan right now, but I googled "bored" and found this frog!

I have also watched all the seasons of Black Adder (awesome!!), the first season of My Name is Earl, a few episodes of seinfeld and a bunch of other movies. I really need life to pick up! Give me studies and politics before I go insane!! Sorry about the long entry about boredom. That couldn’t have been fun to read.


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