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Another blogg. Because i’m at my exam locale, and it starts in an hour. Thats what i get for being early like a succah.

So I’m chilling in the cafeteria of this sports hall where exams are being held. I’m sitting by a window f
Down to the designated area of sport, and what do i see?

I am doing this from my phone so I have no idea if the picture will be attatched/where it will end up, but I am looking down at poor souls having their silly exams. My new game: spot the person grabbing his/her hair in desperation.


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Sorry about this. I just had to! I don’t expect you to read it, but it would sure be nice if you did.

My hand writing is awful, and there might quite a few grammar errors in there!

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So, why I am posting this late at night you ask?! Well, I simply can’t sleep. I’ve just laid awake staring into complete darkness for 5 hours now. (Its 0530, GMT+1)  This just might have something to do with the fact that i slept for 6 hours after dinner, waking up, only to go to bed.

But what makes this yet another exam post, you ask!? I simply have an exam in 3 hours. I’ve prepared as much as necessary and got, as usual, absolutely no, nada, zero, null, 0, nerves for my upcoming exam(s)… Some envy me this ability to stay calm as if there were no worries in hectic times, but i really don’t understand how they can’t!? Stress is just unnecessary toil!

Just thought I’d let you know! Especially since I’ve been quite busy lately, and haven’t made the time to make an entry in a very long time. But fear not young maidens, I got some near-future-blog-plans coming up!

Now, I’ll just get my ass out of bed, make some coffee, prepare a proper breakfast, and watch cartoons until I have to leave for my exam!

As you were!

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Heyo dear reader!

I am speedposting. In 50-ish minutes I have an exam, and I am way early at the exam locale. So I blog.

What’s going on? Well, 9 years ago, Bush got his big boy underwear on and decided to invade Afghanistan (without consent from the UN, mind you). To find some dirty terrorist or sumtan’. 9 years later, we are left with this:

The situation in Afghanistan have never been worse. The new, “friendly” government has passed a law allowing men to rape their wifes if they don’t get sex regularly. Also, women can’t leave their homes without consent from their husbands. Wtf?

Also, the Taliban (whom the international forces are trying to kill off), are growing steadily. Estimates by an american General had them at about 36 000 in early 2010, as to about 11 000 in 2008. Wow!

Also, more civilians die every year. According to the UN, 2100 died in 2008, 2400 died in 2009, and over 1200 died the first half of 2010. Some say this is heading towards the bloodiest year of the war.

Comeon guise, this war isn’t working. Like the star of some dirty off-broadway porn, we need to pull out!

So how am I celebrating this day? Well, my exam, which as of writing this is about 45 minutes away (see how time moves forward when blogging?), is for a course called “An introduction to the USA”. Oh, sweet irony.

Peace out, succas

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