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This was the least morbid "Jesus' suffering"-picture I could find that still had James Caviezel as Jesus. And I really think that if there is a God his son would truly be as hot as James Caviezel.

1) He died for our sins and all that, so if you are to believe in him it was important for him to die to complete his mission. (This also makes Judas less of a traitor, and the Romans just one of many pawns in God’s everlasting game of chess, or something along those lines.)

2) It doesn’t matter whether he died or not if you don’t believe in him, so really: To you he’s just a crazy guy from some millenia ago who had the misfortune of making some powerfull guys really cross (this is if you believe in him as a real historian person, just not the religion) and dying in a manner that many died in when found in the same situation. Or he never existed. Either way: His death wouldn’t be much to get riled up over today.

3) The Romans planned their killing of Jesus so well that it gives us hardworking students one extra week (or two, or more, depending on what school and country you are in..) of not having to be hardworking students, mid-semester.

I love these! I always torture them. Bahaha! (No, not really. I wouldn't do that... Probably.)

4) The capitalist-franchises realized that blood, crowns of thorns and big nails wouldn’t do well to celebrate, so they created cutesy bunnies that hands out eggs, either made of chocolate or consisting of chocolate and other tasty treats. Sometimes even the bunny is chocolate, just to embrace some of the macabre feeling of this otherwise cheerfull holiday, and their ears taste so good! (Especially those with white-chocolate layers, or fillings of some sort…)

5) His death gives way for some amazing “Dead Messiah”-jokes. I’m telling you: Way better than those boring and slightly less-morbid ones about dead babies.

Yes people, this year I’m a sucker for easter. And I know you’re all wondering why.
Because I’m going home today, that’s why. Currently I’m *cough* packing my bags *cough* *cough* and preparing for the flight that leaves in less than 5 hours. At least I will do that, soon, after writing this. And having a shower. And then it’ll be me and my man-friend on our way to Bodø to visit my friends and family. So I officially love the fact that Jesus died for our sins, because it means I’ll be skiing and… Well, doing basically all the same stuff I do in Tromsø (boardgames, read crime-novels, see some crime-movies and just being awesome…) but at least I haven’t gone skiing in quite some time.

Also: These past days were nice too. I finally met the last part of my man-friends family, and went on a really nice family-outing to this polar-museum where we watched seals being fed and I nearly broke my back on a slide with his niece. (At least that’s what I thought I almost did for some time, untill I realized I’m just too old for that stuff. That’s right, stuff.)

So all in all: I’m good. You now know a bit more about my personal life, as in “Yes, my man-friend has got a family and he’s not actually hiding me away from them.” I’m taking that as a good sign.

My own lovey-doveyness is now making me so sick I think I need a shower… (Just kidding, I needed one anyways. Have to be clean before I sit on a plane and get gross and plane-dirty again…)

I do kind of wish to know how my fellow bloggers and our readers are vacationing for this easter break. And what is your favourite thing about Jesus dying and stuff?

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Attention one and all! The first official threat of snow has reached the city of Spokane (my town)! WOO HOO!

Alright alright, so writing a blog entirely about snow may not be too exciting for the loyal Norwegian fan and author base of BRBcoffee, but it is for me! You see, last winter we got about one week of snow….and that was it (and you tell me global warming isn’t a real thing). I live in one of the northernmost states of America, save Alaska, and so I felt rather gypped when I couldn’t even scrounge together a single snowball. 🙁 However, starting this week, I could start seeing the flakes fly at almost any time.

When the snow starts, that means it’s almost time for Christmas and you know what that means: Christmas music! Oh yeah, baby, I am one of those freaky Americans that loves Christmas music with all her little heart. Not gonna lie, I’m listening to some right now as a prelude to the up and coming holiday season. It’s very strange, I usually try to avoid any and all things related to Christianity, but when it comes to Christmas music, I absolutely love the religious stuff. I know not why, it’s not like I believe in the message, they just tend to be very beautiful- from a purely listener’s point of view.

Now, I suggest you all watch what happens to be one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies, White Christmas:

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snooooow!

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Tis the season for females to dress slutty and males to compete over who has the best excuse for not dressing up!

Happy Halloween everyone! Remember, don’t indulge in gluttony, that’s one of the mortal sins!  Just kidding, consume candy tillst thou dropeth!

Song of the blog: What’s This? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Yours truly

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Missionaries. *shakes head disapprovingly* I do not understand them.

First of all, I somewhat hate people who think their beliefs are the only correct ones and therefore have the audacity to try and “fix” or force down their beliefs into the throats of those who are different. It is so absolutely arrogant that it disgusts me. Christian missionaries are, in my opinion, by far the worst when it comes to such nonsense.

Let’s look at the classic example of white man vs. Native American. Back in the day, European settlers came to America and ran into the believed-to-be lesser race of people known as Native Americans/”Indians.” These people did not worship the one Christian God nor had they ever heard of, let alone believed in, Jesus Christ. Well well, the Euro’s thought, they must be savages! They believed that God is everything and everything is God; they worshiped the very ground they walked upon; how beastly! Unlike their haughty Christian counterparts, the Native Americans didn’t lay waste to any- and every-thing that came across  their paths in the name of Christ. So what happened? The Native Americans were slaughtered, herded like cattle, and/or forcefully converted to Christianity by the so-called true Christians. Decades of degradation, poverty, and a lack of human rights ensued and we now find ourselves coming full-circle. Missionaries are now being sent to the utterly poor and crime-riddled Indian Reservations in order to do “God’s work” by helping to ease such conditions which, if we actually think about it, are in existence today because of the very same missionary work started a couple of centuries ago. Bravo, Christianity, bravo! 

I just don’t get how that makes sense to anyone, but sure enough- there are still hundreds of thousands of missionaries at work around the world. In no way am I saying that being a Christian is bad or that Christian beliefs are the wrong beliefs. What I am saying is that we all should be made more aware of the hypocrisy which often comes along with dogmatic beliefs- not just in Christianity but in religions and other groups worldwide. It is so dangerous to lose the value of open-mindedness, as is evident by so many things in history- holy wars, ethnic cleansing, witch hunts, etc.

Though I do not expect such a thing to happen, I do hope that a day will come when the human race can get past that natural tendency of putting one’s own way of life on a pedestal and looking down upon all others who do not share in that path.

“You have your way. I have my way.  As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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So, It’s been a little while since I’ve contributed. I’ve been working on this on and off for a little while, (mostly as just thoughts and notes so forgive me if it is a little disorganized) and I figured I would share with you lovely people. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I’ve discovered more things about myself in the past 6 months than I think I ever have. I feel more in control than I have before also. But I’m not going to be speaking about me, it’s about something more.

Each and every one of us, whither we believe in God or not, have two things that connect us. That bind us. The first is love. The second is suffering. Ultimately these two are connected also. Not one of us is capable of escaping them. We can try, and we can come close, but even if we escape one for a moment, the other takes us hostage.

There is no escape from suffering when it comes to love. And no love without suffering. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart is sure to ache, and possibly even break. The only way to keep your heart safe is to give it to no one and nothing. You must lock it up and hide it away. To love is to suffer, and to not do so eventually results in damnation. You shouldn’t avoid love for fear of suffering though. Its better to remove all armor, take all risks, and be reckless in love. For pain is much better than to feel nothing at all.

There is something else we all have in common. We live in a world that is desperately seeking a reason, a purpose, a meaning for living. Our nation was even founded with the right to pursuit happiness. I think it’s important that it was worded as such. Happiness is actually easy to come by but hard to grasp. By that, I mean that happiness is something that happens, not something you can reach out and take.

There is a lot to the statement that once you reach the top there’s nothing there. Have any of you heard that? It basically means the enjoyment, the challenge, the beauty of life itself is in the climb to the peak. There is not much at the destination but the footprints following you back through your life. The destination is the end, the destination is death

The way I think of life is a huge open area of land. Your accomplishments and goals in life are marked by small hills. Gradually the hills increase in size. And off in the distance is your mountain. The mountain marks the biggest part of your life, your purpose. You want your highest aspiration to be the peak of that mountain. The more impossible the goal the better. Because once you reach that peak… there’s nothing but the view and then the descent back down…

Now, I know I’m not very old, but the more I grow as a person the more I’m coming to realize the purpose of life. For me, that path leads through knowledge, wisdom, love, and honesty. For you, it may be something else entirely. But those are the things that, to me, I yearn for and always want more of. I want to be wise. I want to learn as much as I possibly can while I live. I want to have a love like in stories and movies (Silly I know lol). And I want it to all to be honest, real, worth it, earned… Now I know I might not obtain all of those to the extend that I would like. But that’s what I want out of life. Life is so short, and at the same time long. There is so much to gain and lose, so much to give and take. There is so much to experience in life. What do you want to experience the most out of life? Can’t think of just one? How about the top 5 or 10 things you want to experience out of life above all the rest?

Look, if through reading all this, (Which I really appreciate if you read it all :] ) you don’t take much away from it…. at least take this. Find someone, something, anything… in this world or otherwise. Once you find it, Love it with everything you have. Love it till you can’t love anymore. It seems to me the question that can’t seem to be answered (What is the purpose of life?), should only have an answer that can’t be explain; love.

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