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Good evening!

Since my last entry, not much has changed in my life. School hasn’t started, politics has not picked up (as I am as of writing this without any positions or duties), and I am starting to.. STARTING TO! Get bored. Wow, understatement of the year. Well, it’s early in the year so I shouldn’t gamble about. At least understatement of the week.

So what have I been doing? Well, I have read the first book in the Emperor-series by Conn Iggulden, which tells the story of Julius Caesars life as a series of novels. It is historically accurate, and where it isn’t the author lets you know what he had to change and why (usually for story-telling purposes, like fictional characters to fill the voids that history has left open, or wars changed to fit with the storyline of the book and stuff). It is awesome! I have learned stuff, like how both the title Kaiser and Tsar derive from Caesar. What a magnificent man he must have been, to have his very surname come to be synonymous with king. Dude!

Yes yes. I have also played a good deal of GTA IV, seen the entire 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and today i spent 3 hours organizing my music folder. See, my girlfriend is, to put it lightly, more into music than me. So she gave me all the music she has on her computer. My 6.6 gb library suddenly exploded into a messy 82 gb one!! Well, I have yet to listen to half of the music, and yet I have already found several artists to love. But the folders were uncategorized and messy!! I fixed it. Neat and orderly. Very nice. Mjes.

Actually I am listening to Bob Dylan right now, but I googled "bored" and found this frog!

I have also watched all the seasons of Black Adder (awesome!!), the first season of My Name is Earl, a few episodes of seinfeld and a bunch of other movies. I really need life to pick up! Give me studies and politics before I go insane!! Sorry about the long entry about boredom. That couldn’t have been fun to read.


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Merry Christmas, or whatever…

In lack of stuff to do after the Christmas climax, I’ve been stuck in front of the telly all day long. By now, every single movie they’ve managed to put on screen, I’ve already seen at least 2 times before. This brings me to dubbing. This time of year, many of the movies sent, are animations or cartoons, dubbed to Norwegian… Well OK, I can understand this for the sake of the children, but when they mix up the movie with several languages like in the Norwegian version of Happy Feet, which in fact is on TV right now, it makes me want to crush stuff to bits and pieces.

A movie should always be in its original state. Dubbing = crapping, in most cases. Ive seen a few animations and cartoons that works with dubbing, but the original content is still better than the recreation of lyrics and translations. What really bugs me about Happy Feet right now, is the mixing of languages! (I assume you’ve all seen this film.) Theres is quite a bit of singing in it, but this haven’t been translated at all. This means; The original voices by Robin Williams, Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, are still in the dubbed version. But the Norwegian voices are different, so their voices vary a bit throughout the movie, and it gets totally ruined by the fuck ups that decided to do this pathetic thing to such a good movie!?

Sorry about all the whining, but this is really upsetting me… How can the producers live with themselves knowing what pain they cause us (or just me)?!

Well, I hope Santa got you what you wished for, or at least something similar that made you happy!

As you were!

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Attention one and all! The first official threat of snow has reached the city of Spokane (my town)! WOO HOO!

Alright alright, so writing a blog entirely about snow may not be too exciting for the loyal Norwegian fan and author base of BRBcoffee, but it is for me! You see, last winter we got about one week of snow….and that was it (and you tell me global warming isn’t a real thing). I live in one of the northernmost states of America, save Alaska, and so I felt rather gypped when I couldn’t even scrounge together a single snowball. 🙁 However, starting this week, I could start seeing the flakes fly at almost any time.

When the snow starts, that means it’s almost time for Christmas and you know what that means: Christmas music! Oh yeah, baby, I am one of those freaky Americans that loves Christmas music with all her little heart. Not gonna lie, I’m listening to some right now as a prelude to the up and coming holiday season. It’s very strange, I usually try to avoid any and all things related to Christianity, but when it comes to Christmas music, I absolutely love the religious stuff. I know not why, it’s not like I believe in the message, they just tend to be very beautiful- from a purely listener’s point of view.

Now, I suggest you all watch what happens to be one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies, White Christmas:

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snooooow!

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This is a most delightful movie, based on a play, which again was based on actual interviews. I trust all of my readers know of the Watergate scandal and Nixon, and will not go into that. What this movie does is try to reenact the Nixon/Frost interviews, where Nixon admitted to having broken the law.

There are some historical accuracies, you may read about them at wikipedia, but all over this is a pretty well done movie. It makes presidential history more interesting than usual, portrays the interviews with mr. Frost as more dramatic than they ever were, and all over invites the watcher into a Hollywood presentation of reality that comes off as a serious documentary. At the end of the movie I was pretty much convinced that I’d been treated to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Wikipedia told me wrong, but what matters is that the movie convinces people that it is telling the truth, and that makes it a very compelling story. I would definitely recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in politics. The actors deliver terrific performances, they’re believable characters that you can identify with despite their roles. The soundtrack could have been better, but not without moving away from the serious documentary style that the producers were obviously going for. I don’t think the movie could have been done better without moving further away from the true story on which it is based. And again, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The movie is called Frost/Nixon, it is brilliant, and you should watch it. I’m bringing pants.
Song of the Blog: The Shadow of the Past
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