Pardon the pun people, but the point is: I’ve got overalls!

I had overalls growing up, and I just loved how comfy they are. And also practical! And I wanted overalls to wear for those casual and laid back occasions that my life seems to be based entirely on lately.

Well, now I won’t have to long for overalls any longer, because my wonderful mother gave me these last week. So now I’m cleaning the apartment sporting a denim overall from my mother and a Bon Jovi t-shirt from my father. Parents are the best! (And yes, I know, this is totally the 80’s look…)

I actually have a pair of red overalls from the year I graduated High School. A nice norwegian tradition is to wear a pair of red overalls for 17 days, without cleaning them, while doing stupid stuff. This is me sporting the red “Russe”-overalls on a mountain hike. They were actually quite good for the purpose. Practical. Lots of pockets.

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But enough with the overall-talk, I was supposed to tell you about my weekend! I’m done with my year of political studies, and I don’t have to go into work until tuesday. Conclusion: This weekend is the best!

Tonight is also my favorite yule-tide tradition: The tasting of the Yule-tide brew! There are 5 brews in our test-group, and we will rate which one is the best. I will also make a nice yule-tide dinner, and we have aquavit to go with it. A very norwegian evening with fish, beer and aquavit.

Yes people: Frida loves her life when she isn’t stressed about exams!


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