As I sit here in the library pretending to be working on my two papers and presentation (yet not because I totally left all of my books in my mother’s car), I have decided to write a blog for BRBcoffee. I have neglected you, my old friend, and for that I am sorry.

I’d like to start off with some bitching. For the past, oh, 3 weeks I have been getting some incredibly shitty sleep. See, the root of the problem is that my internal schedule does not align with that of mainstream America. Waking up at 6:00 AM just isn’t my style. Like some dark, slimy creature risen from the Underworld with hopes of destroying the human race, it’s simply…unnatural. Having to go to bed by 10 PM is blasphemy as well, yet I try and try and try and try to do it, day after day after day after day, because I have to.  I try to use the weekends to recharge, but that has not been happening these past few weeks and that is why I feel like I am losing my mind. Also, last night I dreamt all night about weird ass shit, the only particulars I remember are the following-
being forcefully kissed by this dude:

and then falling in love with this one:

I don’t know these boys, mind you! They are simply members of a band I saw one time, thought, “Eh, they’re alright. That one dude looks like Robert Plant and Jesus,” and briefly mentioned in a blog. You see? My mind is fucked, my friends.

I have found a remedy though. You take a cup of hot water, dissolve into it a nighttime cold medicine tablet, add a shot of whiskey and some honey, and proceed to drink it rapidly because it tastes fucking sick. In my neck o’ the woods, we call these “nighttime toddies.” They aren’t exactly good for you, hence I can’t drink them every night, but my God do they make you sleep like a little baby.

In other news, today is Thursday. That means tomorrow I work at my volunteer job, and then the weekend shall be upon me! Yay! Oh…except I have to write two papers and create a presentation sometime within that joyousness, but that’s okay because it’s the WEEKEND!

[Umm…I just looked over at the computer screen of the person next to me and she was staring hypnotically at a video of a lighter burning…dropping some acid, are we???]

Alas, it is 4:49 and I must leave you all in order to catch my ride. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and dream about making out with dudes who look like Jesus.


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