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Tis the season for females to dress slutty and males to compete over who has the best excuse for not dressing up!

Happy Halloween everyone! Remember, don’t indulge in gluttony, that’s one of the mortal sins!  Just kidding, consume candy tillst thou dropeth!

Song of the blog: What’s This? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Yours truly

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Daryl Hall!

Don't be jealous of his hair...

…and hot apple cider!

I can’t even begin to relate to you how my heart swells when I think of these two wondrous things. I recently attended a Hall & Oates concert, which further cemented my love of the Hall into my heart. Apple cider came into the picture by accident really. See, I’ve given up coffee as of late (a sin, I know, but I have my reasons) and so when venturing through a coffee stand with my sister, I decided to give hot apple cider a go. Turns out, it is one of the most magical things on this good, green Earth of ours. I highly recommend it to any- and every-one.

Hmm, I do believe it is time for a poll.
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On a final note, I dare one and all to watch this video and not smile:
Out of Touch

And if that link doesn’t work, then watch this:
M-E-T-H-O-D  O-F  L-O-V-E

P.S.- We need a food category on here, Burnie!

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These things are like crack cocaine to me! If Michael Jackson came down and sang to me, “Don’t stop til you get enough!” I would respond with, “I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH!”

I have a weakness for all things caramel and these things, these things! are caramel-chocolaty goodness. Actually, it’s probably a really crappy quality chocolate and caramel, but my lord it is delicious.

Upon reviewal of this and Vegard’s previous blog, I have decided that BRBcoffee should henceforth be all about food-related topics. Yeah yeah, Israel/Palestine and world issues, what matters is Rolos and sweet chili sauce!

Good day, sir!

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