What is this? Yet another writer? Hello world, my name is Simen. Pronounced something close to “Semen”. Have your laughs 😉

I’m 18 years old, a high schooler; Social sciences, and I am, likewise to Bjørn, Vegard and Frida; A member of the norwegian communist party: Rødt. And trough polictical activism I met Bjørn, who offered me to write for BRBcoffee; needless to say, I said yes. The first post is somewhat awkward to write, it feels like I have to write everything about myself. There isn’t really that much to say; I’m from Bodø, Norway. I am a vegetarian and love to cook, I adore the works of Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Tolkien. I talk, and think way to much and I will be writing on BRBcoffee from this point on. So please be gentle, it’s my first time. Blogging that is.

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