I just got back from a peaceful protest against nazism and all forms of racism. It was a peaceful demonstration until we were almost done. A nazi started shouting and hit a young girl who was peacefully listening to the speakers.

At the same time, the “Norwegian Defence League” was hosting a demonstration of their own. NDL is a group of racists who want to eradicate Islam and throw muslims out of Norway. They’ve had a nasty history with a lot of nazi members, and strong ties to their sister organization, “English Defence League.” The nerve of hosting a nazi demonstration on this day is unbelievable.

On a side note, when I tried to immediately upload this short clip, android whined about the file being large and needing wifi. The file was a whopping 21mb large, 22 seconds of hd video. Really, Google?
Anyhoo, demo was awesome, we were many, the nazis were few, and we won. Pics to come.

Song of the blog: Skambankt!

Yours truly

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