I love Friday! There are no meetings on Friday, I only have one lecture on Friday, and I realize that my headset is in my pocket after all on Friday! Friday is the day that socail class ceases to exist, cake is free on fridays, the weather is always fantastic on fridays, and Friday is the day when NU saves the world! Ah… everyone loves a good Friday, because everyone remembers that life is good after all!

What do you do on fridays? I just realized that after I’ve had my one class, I have absolutely no plans. Maybe I should just sit back and do absolutely nothing? But wouldn’t that be a waste of such a wonderful Friday? Meh, it’s Friday! Something is bound to come along and make it amazing.

I think that’s all, actually. Hope you enjoyed this short declaration of my love for fridays!


The song of the blog is Friday I’m In Love, by The Cure, of course!