So I know I promised you something political, or motivated by a good book or music or something for my second post. And the emotions leading to this post was motivated by, or has spurred me into, the making and listening to the list of music you will find at the end of it. Question being (as in High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, also my favourite book and author!)  did the music compell us to listen because we were having a miserable time, or did the musicians create the music because of their having a shitty time as well.

I will, of course, believe the last one: Artists in pain will make painfully beautiful music. Or paintings. Or books. Or poems. Or general art.

There is a sentence we hear all the time, and that I remind myself of way too often, which sounds “Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved.”  Or as a smart guy said to me, earlier this evening: “Without all the pain you’re feeling from having emotions, how would you have known you were alive?”

And it’s true. Unfortunately. Feelings make us realize how alive we really are. Life is more than birth-school-[Metallica-]work-death. And that, my dear friends, is feelings. We have way more than our social standings, our GPAs, our careers and our funerals and final wills to think about. The big feelings. Love, hate, apathy [which I guess isn’t a feeling, only lack of feelings, but we’re all there at some point…], friendship, family and ideologies. And also the smaller feelings. Happiness, pain, disappointment, contempt, meanings and familiarity being examples.

This week I have had all kinds of feelings, and it’s weird. Fear of the unknown, expectations for the unplanned, happiness for the unexpected, and disappointment for the unwanted.

And the only thing on my mind right now is “Better to have tried and failed, than to not having tried…”

xkcd will always explain everything better than me, and I do feel that this is an accurate description.

Yours truly, fully and completely,

(Musical references/influences for this contribution:
Kut U Up
Deep Blue Something
Postal Service)

(Playlist made along with this contribution:
Just one of those things-or something)