Hello, my dearies.

I thought I would share with you the tale of the low attention span man.

In his childhood, he could never stick with an activity, because he got tired of football. So he started with taekwondo. He got tired of that, so he started wrestling. He got tired of that, so he started gaming. He switched games and/or characters constantly.

Then he got into politics. He attended lots of stuff, and eventually got himself some positions in boards. He also started a bachelor in political science. But he lost focus after one year, and moved away, leaving his political terms half-finished, for someone else to take over.

In his new city, he started an integrated master-program of English, music and pedagogics, which would leave him as a respectable teacher-man. He also got himself lots of new political positions here.

Right now, our hero is considering moving to Oslo. He has a grand scheme in which he will take lots of awesome subjects, like a bachelors degree in middle eastern studies with Arabic and an obligatory term in an Arabic speaking country, and come out the other end as an awesome teacher with a funny hat.

Oh, low attention span man. Will you ever finish an education?

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