I’ve been pondering what my first official post should be on BRBcoffee.

The conclusion I came to was a post of what I, thus far, know I can write decently about. That would be poetry. So without further adieu. I present to you one of my poems.

What is hope?

I believe hope is the idea, that tomorrow will be better than today.
That the one thing you want the most, might someday be yours.
Like a candle in the dark, it lights our future. To some,

the flame might be brighter than to others.
The flame is fragile though, it can easily be blown out, lost, by the smallest wind.
If the flame is lost, to keep your flame sustained, and you theirs.
The two lights become one, and glow brighter, allowing you to see the obstacles ahead of you better,
and helps you get through it.

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