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Do you have any idea how disheartening it is to write long ass blogposts only to have them disappear, no drafts saved? That happened, many times. I’m done with offline blogging clients, before I even got properly started. Anyway, good to be back!

So today is the 17th of may, the Norwegian equivalent of 4th of July, happy constitution day! I thought I should make a blog post celebrating this, but there really isn’t much to say except I’m glad those people way back made Norway a free country, and laid the foundation for the great country I live in today, woohoo! And since that’s a bit of a short blogpost, even though short posts are ok too, I will throw in my current partition map as well. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting/impressive.

Partition Type Filesystem Label
1 Extended Extended Extended
6 Logical Ext3 Tiny Core Linux
7 Logical Swap SWAP
8 Logical NTFS Windows 8
2 Primary Ext4 Arch Linux
3 Primary Ext4 DATA
4 Primary NTFS Windows XP

It belongs to the story that this is a 500GB hard disk, and that data partition coveres almost 300 of it. I’ve been spending the last two days working on getting Windows XP to install from a USB pen, and I can’t get it to work. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to put them in the comments. I’ve tried WinToFlash, didn’t work, and I’ve tried extracting the files to the usb and marking the partition as active from DISKPART, then using BOOTSECT to install the bootmgr that didn’t work either. I tried giving VirtualBox Access to the hard diks, and that installed, but then bluescreened at boot, which I kind of expected. Any tips at all?

Song of the blog: Ja vi elsker

Yours again

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