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On the day that Google turns 12, BRBcoffee gets its 150th blogpost, and its 7th author! I’m working on moving the site to a new, better host. I say better, because in terms of features they are, but it’s taking some time for them to activate my account… Anyway, as soon as that happens, I have lots of stuff planned! I think you’ll all like it 😉

Oh, and since I can’t blog without being political… Yo Netanyahu, what you’re doing here is generally known as a dick move! It’s usually not a good idea to resume building big fucking shit on other people’s land, especially if you’re currently engaged in peace-talks with said people, and especially if said people are are already super pissed with you because you built big fucking shit on their land!
Let’s get the song of the blog rolling again!
Song of the blog: Annihilation (APC)

Yours inconsistently,

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