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I’m laying around in bed feeling sorry for myself. Why? Because I’m sick.

This thursday I went to a concert (Kråkesølv, think I’ve mentioned them before…) and I was feeling kinda sick, but figured it was nothing. To make a short story long: I woke up in the middle of the night running a fever, I slept for 10 hours straight, I slept some more, and I’ve seen the entire second season of True Blood since yesterday.

There is something that makes being sick worse, and that is being alone and sick. So the fact that I’m in a new town kind of makes this bad timing. And the fact that my old man (this being my man whom happens to be old, not my father…) is in Oslo for the weekend doesn’t help.

So what could make the “sick and alone”-scenario worse? How about living in a student housing building, on a floor with a high “party the same weekend Frida is sick”-rate. Last night it woke me up, tonight it is preventing me from sleeping.

Oh, yeah, and missing out on my plans with a friend, just to stay in bed and eat pizza and have waking fever dreams. Big fun, I tell you!

So yeah, I’m feeling sorry for myself. As should you! And also: If you haven’t seen True Blood yet you should do that too. (Don’t worry, you can do both at the same time… I know I do!)

Infectuosly yours,

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