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Warning: I am very angry right now, and this post reflects that. It contains filthy language, and is bursting at the seams with hate. Just thought you should know before I exposed you to this. <3

Dear Windows, I motherfucking hate your guts! In tandem with java you are everything that is wrong with the computer world. You represent every-fucking-thing that I hate. I am so God damn pissed with you both right now, you can’t even begin to comprehend the glowing hot rage I harbor for you.

Tell me, Windows, which other operating system in the known WORLD will just plain fucking stop listening to input, hmmm? Don’t you think input might be a teensy tiny bit FUCKING IMPORTANT!? And you! Java! You asscock! Don’t you dare think I’d forgotten about you! I can’t think of anything quite as obscenely useless as a programming language that refuses to compile to an external file, but works just “fine” inside an IDE. And I say “fine” because there’s no such thing as “fine” with java, only java-fine, which is only marginally better than thundershittingly bad.

And guess who can force java to behave? That’s right, Mac OS X can. It’s the exact same fucking project, I just copied the damn files over, but noooo, Windows can’t do shit with it, that’s for GOOD operating systems!

Person breaking computer with sledge

And one last thing, and I want you both to hear this! Windows, I’m having another affair with Linux. Java, I’m having an affair with Haskell. Both of them do things for me that you guys wouldn’t even dare to try! So from one exhausted and pissed off coder to two piss poor tools, I hate you both, and I hope you rot in 64-bit hell!



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