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So google is supposed to pick ads based on all the stuff they know about me from watching everything I do online, which makes it kind of weird when I get these on YouTube:

Ad blaming Obama for BP oil spill


I mean, come on! Say what you want about Obama, but telling YouTube commenters (also known as the worst breed of human to have ever existed) to vote for blaming him for the oil spill is insane! By what logic does that even make sense? What do they think he did, dive into the gulf and break the well himself? The “Obamacare, stop him!” ads were pretty annoying, but at least he was doing health care reform then, this just feels like pure desperation to me.

Naturally, the song of the blog is: The Impression That I Get

I’m your host, Baffled Bjørn, and you are now annoyed, for some reason or another.


Just thought I’d tell you all how happy I am for you. Too bad you didn’t do this a year ago when it had the potential to be awesome instead of just good. Still, it’s a step in the right direction!