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Following is an exert of a conversation me and fellow brbcoffeer Elaine had:

(10:44:06 PM) Vegard: alright i can’t think of an awesome enough metaphor, so im gonna serve you with “drumroll” “trumpets” analysis of the norwegian society in 5 minutes!

(10:44:25 PM) Elaine: do it

(10:44:25 PM)Vegard: 1800s! norway is a poor farmer country. people live on potatoes and fish, family is important and there are manners!

(10:44:34 PM) Elaine: yay

(10:44:46 PM) Vegard: 1900s! norway becomes industrialized through a series of wars and a social democratic working movement

(10:44:59 PM) Vegard: 1960s! norway finds OIL, and becomes one of the richest countries in the world

(10:45:20 PM) Vegard: norway developes universial health care, governmental support and all such things so that noone ever has to feel alone and scarted

(10:45:23 PM) Vegard: scared*

(10:45:27 PM) Elaine: yay! oil!

(10:45:38 PM) Elaine: what a concept

(10:45:47 PM) Vegard: 1990! children are born growing up with the sence that everything will fall into their laps, and they never have to work hard for anything

(10:46:00 PM) Elaine: My birth year!

(10:46:15 PM) Vegard: 2010: the academical world is governed by people from all over th world working hard to achieve something, get a good career!

(10:46:41 PM) Vegard: while norwegians in academia abroad has this exact attitude: “i can always get a bachelor in something back home and work in some government corporation”

(10:47:28 PM) Elaine: hah

(10:47:28 PM) Vegard: norwegians socially end up afraid of black people, afraid of eachother, drinking too much alcohol, never greeting eachother, never standing up for old people on the bus, and if you dare smile at someone you don’t know you get labled crazy

(10:47:34 PM) Elaine: bahaha

(10:47:40 PM) Vegard: i present to you: norway. the most arrogant country in the world

(10:47:47 PM) Vegard: now with great fjords

(10:47:50 PM) Vegard: *conclusion*

(10:47:54 PM) Elaine: Wow

(10:48:04 PM) Elaine: *applause*

(10:48:08 PM) Vegard: *bow*

Social democracy: the wet blanket over society.

Until next time friends,