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Alright, hi everyone.

A while ago i bought me a netbook. To be exact, i bought an Acer Aspire One, 532. Lets review my laptop story for a moment: It started with a laptop i acquired when i was about 15, which had the computing power of a glass of water. When i started high school i got another one, which crashed within the year. So i got another one, which crashed, so i got another one. Which crashed. I then got a mac, which for all incests and coinpurses did what it was supposed to. But shit was too expensive and started being a twat. So i sold it, and now i have a netbook!

When i got my netbook, it was preinstalled with windows 7 extremely-basic-lol. I could not even change my goddamn desktop background, because that was a feature too advanced for me! (thats right). Alright, so back when i last bought a laptop with windows on it, it at least contained a windows install disc of the home basic. This one didn’t. Fine, i wasn’t planning on keeping windows, shittymcshitshit that it is.

I downloaded  Ubuntu Netbook Remix, a brilliant netbook-optimized ubuntu version. And i am loving it. It is awesome, pretty, useful, and makes my loins jingle with chocolatey goodness!

So thanks Internet, you rock! That is all.

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