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I’m laying around in bed feeling sorry for myself. Why? Because I’m sick.

This thursday I went to a concert (Kråkesølv, think I’ve mentioned them before…) and I was feeling kinda sick, but figured it was nothing. To make a short story long: I woke up in the middle of the night running a fever, I slept for 10 hours straight, I slept some more, and I’ve seen the entire second season of True Blood since yesterday.

There is something that makes being sick worse, and that is being alone and sick. So the fact that I’m in a new town kind of makes this bad timing. And the fact that my old man (this being my man whom happens to be old, not my father…) is in Oslo for the weekend doesn’t help.

So what could make the “sick and alone”-scenario worse? How about living in a student housing building, on a floor with a high “party the same weekend Frida is sick”-rate. Last night it woke me up, tonight it is preventing me from sleeping.

Oh, yeah, and missing out on my plans with a friend, just to stay in bed and eat pizza and have waking fever dreams. Big fun, I tell you!

So yeah, I’m feeling sorry for myself. As should you! And also: If you haven’t seen True Blood yet you should do that too. (Don’t worry, you can do both at the same time… I know I do!)

Infectuosly yours,

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Your beloved admin just came home from a concert with the Norwegian band Kråkesølv, which is the norwegian word for mica.

This is mica, which is not the band Kråkesølv.

Kråkesølv is a band from my home-town, Bodø, which lies in the northern part of Norway. I went to a concert they had up north some time ago, and was quite disappointed. I’d been told they were incredible, yet the concert was as boring as it was noisy. I do not know whether I was drugged, or they where, but this time the experience couldn’t be more different.

As some of the more perceptive among you might be able to tell, I was most impressed with Kråkesølvs performance. They started out with a promising tune, and their first song earned plenty of applause from the audience. Now there were two performances going on at the same time, of which this was the minor one, which I had only patriotically chosen to attend, so the audience must have fallen short of 60 people, but the atmosphere was great, and the warm-up band had really gotten us excited. After the first song ended, one of the band-members told us that he would like to dedicate the concert to his, and another band-member’s, late grandmother, whose funeral they had to pass up in order to play for us. That really gave the concert a personal feel, but without making it a dreary process.

As the concert went on I became more and more convinced that this was some other band than the one I had listened to before. They were all so into the music, and after one song one of them commented that they had not sounded that good in a long time. The music really did come alive on that small stage from which it blasted.

Amazing live artists, you can really tell they love what they do.

The concert ended with the best song I believe I’ve heard in 2010. I think they said it was brand new, it certainly had a different style than the other music they played. While the main focus had definitely been on the vocals up to this point, this one really let the instruments come into their own. It’s not like the vocals were neglected though, it was just that there was less of an obvious divide between the song and the rest of the music than there had been before. Their last song was also more upbeat and rocky than the rest of the concert, while remaining melodic, and it was still recognizably their type of music.

To summarize, if you ever have the chance to attend a Kråkesølv concert, take my advice and do so. Pass up anything you have to pass up, because when these guys are having a good day, they’re pretty much the best, and who doesn’t love awesome music? I know I am looking forward to the next time I can hear them live, and I’ll be checking out their recorded music too, first chance I get.

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