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I come to you bringing news of awesome. I just had my first proper Dungeons and Dragons-game! Despite it being short, improvised without any real props or thingymajiggys, it kicked butt!

I was chilling at some tavern with my Deva pal. We chug several mugs of beer until we both pass out into my gourmet dinner.

A badass dragonborn comes in. He chills out, drinks some beer and eats. When heading up to his room he pokes the drunk, sleeping dwarf (at this point i have pissed my pants). I awake, and in a drunken brawl pull my axe and swing at the bastard.

My friend awakes as well. We proceed to have a fucking awesome barfight. A chair crashes through a window hitting a gnome, an axe flies through the room splitting a table and at one point five gnomes teleported. Eventually we almost kill the dragonborn, but my Cleric friend saves him from death.

This is not how it looked (my character token was a swedish coin)

At this point, my character sees fancy fucking beer-barrels behind the counter. Invigorated, my dwarf (who has a beard frozen with beer, food and vomit) looses his hungoverness and jumps over the counter like a fucking champ. I then proceed to roll a fucking 20 and chug an entire huge-ass barrel of fancy beer. Hell yeah!
Then my cleric friend heals our dragonborn buddy, I get him a beer and it’s all good.
According to our DM, people will tell the tale of our barfight for 500 years.
When you thought you couldn’t reach a higher nerd level.. DING!


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