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Found this entry piled among my drafts, and I thought I’d finally publish it. This is the story of why I am studying towards becoming a teacher:

It pretty much goes back to a teacher I had in physics back in high school. Physics was not a subject I did well in. I got Ds every test. But for some reason, instead of helping me, this teacher hated me. He hated me ridiculously much, it seemed.

After every test, he would say this in front of the entire class: “Vegard, your test results are too low! Do you not understand the subject? If you need help, you can come ask me!”. That is fucking humiliating to go through after every test, in front of everybody!

That’s not all of it of course, because every time I was at school, the teacher seemed angry, and only went through what he had to then sat at his desk with his papers the rest of the class. But I heard from my friends in the class that when I wasn’t at school, he was happy and told stories, and it was awesome being there. So i felt like if I showed up in class, I would ruin it for the entire class!

That year, I only had absence from school Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Those were my physics days. When I woke up, the thought of meeting this man made my stomach turn!

I made a vow, never should any student have to go through what I went through. So I am becoming a teacher, because if I can keep even one class from having a teacher like that by having me instead, I will deem it a success!

Ole Jan, fuck you!


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