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I’ve finally gotten around to paying the horrible price of 25$ for an Android Developer License. I’m working on a presentation program which can be downloaded for free for PC, Mac, and Linux, and download a remote app for your phone. The app is quite simple, with just a few buttons to control the computer program. The trick is that you can connect to your computer both over bluetooth and wifi, such that even if you do not have access to a wifi you can still connect to your phone and look professional. I would estimate that I am about 70% done with the development process, and I have learned quite a lot about Android networking while working on this.

The developer name is BRBcoffee, and users will be able to download the computer program from this site. Sadly I will not make the app available outside of the Google Play store, as I cannot compete with the Goog when it comes to update functionality.

At first I will not be supporting notes in powerpoint presentations. If I do implement it you will be able to click a button on your phone to show the notes for the current slide. I can imagine that a lot of users would want this, but it would definitely make the app less user friendly. The vision is that you won’t need any kind of technical know-how in order to use the app, that it will rely mostly on icons to convey meaning, and as little text as possible.

If I am to develop an app for the iPhone I would have to earn enough to continually pay for an iOS Developer License, as this will cost four times as much(!) and still reach fewer users..

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