Do you have any idea how disheartening it is to write long ass blogposts only to have them disappear, no drafts saved? That happened, many times. I’m done with offline blogging clients, before I even got properly started. Anyway, good to be back!

So today is the 17th of may, the Norwegian equivalent of 4th of July, happy constitution day! I thought I should make a blog post celebrating this, but there really isn’t much to say except I’m glad those people way back made Norway a free country, and laid the foundation for the great country I live in today, woohoo! And since that’s a bit of a short blogpost, even though short posts are ok too, I will throw in my current partition map as well. Hopefully some of you will find it interesting/impressive.

Partition Type Filesystem Label
1 Extended Extended Extended
6 Logical Ext3 Tiny Core Linux
7 Logical Swap SWAP
8 Logical NTFS Windows 8
2 Primary Ext4 Arch Linux
3 Primary Ext4 DATA
4 Primary NTFS Windows XP

It belongs to the story that this is a 500GB hard disk, and that data partition coveres almost 300 of it. I’ve been spending the last two days working on getting Windows XP to install from a USB pen, and I can’t get it to work. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to put them in the comments. I’ve tried WinToFlash, didn’t work, and I’ve tried extracting the files to the usb and marking the partition as active from DISKPART, then using BOOTSECT to install the bootmgr that didn’t work either. I tried giving VirtualBox Access to the hard diks, and that installed, but then bluescreened at boot, which I kind of expected. Any tips at all?

Song of the blog: Ja vi elsker

Yours again

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This is not a “woohoo it’s goddamn christmas time”-entry. But to get it out of the way, woohoo it’s goddamn christmas time!

Two things. First of all: my phone (HTC Incredible S) just got an update, so now it has HTC sense 3.0. I find this awesome. I also just discovered that my phone now has an internet passthrough-function, meaning I can connect it to my computers internet connection via USB. Being out in the woods where my father lives, and him not having a wireless router (only cable, friggin stoneage), this is nothing short of brilliant.

Also, I’ve started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. I pre-ordered and have been playing for 5 days now, and to sum the game up: it is goddamn awesome. I am playing as a Sith Juggernaut (badass tanking warrior, bitches), and the personal story of the game is just crazy-good. I am loving every second of it. And having just earned the title of Sith Lord and having my own apprentice is also badass. Yeah!

One of those!


Toodles, friends. And merry fucking christmas!

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Another blogg. Because i’m at my exam locale, and it starts in an hour. Thats what i get for being early like a succah.

So I’m chilling in the cafeteria of this sports hall where exams are being held. I’m sitting by a window f
Down to the designated area of sport, and what do i see?

I am doing this from my phone so I have no idea if the picture will be attatched/where it will end up, but I am looking down at poor souls having their silly exams. My new game: spot the person grabbing his/her hair in desperation.


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I was chilling at my very own facebook-profile today, and came over my quotes. And I saw the following:


“Anyone with time on their hands can hatch elaborate schemes for a better future, just as anyone can sketch endless plans for a magnificent novel they never get around to writing because they are endlessly sketching plans for it. The point for Marx is not to dream of an ideal future, but to resolve the contradictions in the present which prevent a better future from coming about.” – Terry Eagleton


Which reminded me of a book I read a while ago, called “Why Marx was right” by Terry Eagleton.


It is a brilliant book. It takes on 10 objections or misconceptions about Marxism which exist today, like how Marxists are historical determinists, how we reduce everything to the economic, how Marxism inevitably leads to political tyranny and such. Terry shows why these views on Marxism are wrong and why Marx was, in fact, correct in many of his analyses and why we should all be Marxists today. You should read it. It looks like this:


Hell yeah. Marx!



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Good evening!

So earlier this week I had a revelation of sorts. I had one of those “on top of my student loan, this month I’ve gotten 3 paychecks at once”-moments (somehow most of my jobs suck at giving me money at the appropriate time). So after saving a good chunk of it (I save money now!), i decided that there is no way I am spending all of this on food and beer. So I bought myself an early Christmas-present. Behold, my brand spanking new used Nintendo 3DS!

Well, it's not a picture I took but it looks just like this! Even with the super-awesome Super Mario-cover!

So. After a few days of playing Super Mario 3D-land on my new toy, I have this to say about the 3DS.

The 3D-technology is a turd. I never use it, because frankly it is no good. I don’t use it, sure there are some puzzles where it is helpful but mostly it just gives you a headache/is an annoyance. Still, having a handheld gaming device is frigging awesome. Despite it being designed for hands I suspect are smaller than my giant monkey viking-hands. It feels a bit unnatural to use because the buttons are so damn close!

Alright. So, for the review.

The game I bought was Super Mario 3D-land.

This one!

I haven’t finished it yet, but here is a short review anyways. Because I want to share my opinions about things with the internet!

It’s fun. Well, It’s Super Mario. How can that red-hatted little bastard not be entertaining? Despite Nintendo beating the same dead horse over and over again because the twitching of the rotting corpse still provides sufficient entertainment to be worth money, they are doing it brilliantly. This game takes shit back to the classics.

The first video-game I ever played was Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. I was quite young, but that damn red-hatted plumber chasing some Burgeois chick for reasons my young mind could not understand nor analyze with Marxist theories captured my little heart. With 3DS, they are doing it 2D-style, but in 3D! What? Well, all the levels are set up just like it was back when the game was 2D. Except there is a little room to walk up and down in, not just forward or backward. And you select levels old-school running on a track-style. And Princess Peach is not in this castle. Woo!

So it is a success. Now back to reading about administrational computers and law.


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