Right now there are a lot of people counting down, waiting for the new year to begin. 2010 is almost a mere memory, and 2011 is a not too distant future. In Norway it’s only 13 hours left of this year, and for our friends in different time-zones it’s either a longer or shorter wait left.

I don’t do resulotions for new years. I tried, but I never really understood the whole thing about making a lot of promises on one night, just because the earth has circled the sun, and then break all or most of them before the next morning. And my countdown isn’t for the new year or to see the fireworks. I don’t have 13 hours on my clock, but rather 13 days.

In 13 days I will start my new life in Tromsø. Hopefully it will be just fine and great and sweet and dandy, but like with the new year I can never quite know what it has in store for me. So I’m nervous, and happy, and petrified. A lot of good and bad things have happened this past year, and in my life so far, and it has led to the choice to move away. To start over, in a way.

I will celebrate tonight with friends, but it’s not really the new year-part of the bash I’m the most anxious about. It’s rather the me moving away, and this being my last party in Bodø-part that makes this night memorable to me. And I hope it will be.

To all of our readers, and to all my fellow bloggists on BRBcoffee:
Have a happy new year!

-Sentimentally yours

(Also: Enjoy this poorly edited picture of me and some friends celebrating tonight…)