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As I was updating my personal “About”-page to fit more recent events in the location-like department (i.e. bragging about finally leaving Bodø to go live in Tromsø, which is way cooler!) I came to think of a political cause that I care greatly about, that doesn’t get enough focus in todays society, that the politicians deprioritize time and time again, but that is also really important…

Based on the title and this introduction there are two important political causes I could be writing about. Before we continue, would you like to venture a guess as to which one I am going to write about?

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To avoid cheating i will fill some space with a big, old and edited picture of me with crazy hair, so that you can’t see the upcoming text. Do not cheat, capiche?

So… All the reasons why I love trains:

  • Trains are old-fashioned, and thus romantic.
  • There is no stressing when it comes to train-travel. No security check-points, no boarding and take-off and landing and what not. You get on, you hang out, you get to where you wanna be.
  • People are nicer on trains. (Probably because of the romance and lack of stress thing.)
  • I always meet the nicest, funniest or most interesting people on trains.
  • Trains are better for the environment.
  • You’re never as rested after a nap as you are after a nap on a train. (At least I ain’t…)
  • Trains are means to traveling that aren’t airplanes. Airplanes suck. Logically: Trains must be amazing.
  • Last but not least: How can you NOT love this:

There is only one problem when it comes to my current living situation and my love for trains… Tromsø doesn’t have a railway.

Bodø is the last stop on the norwegian railway. Everything north of Bodø and Fauske  is train-less. (Except for the stretch between the norwegian town Narvik and the swedish town Kiruna, originally used to transport ore, or something…)

Why is the north of Norway without trains? Because the only one ever to actually bother building railway in the north of Norway lost all power before he finished. I am of course talking about Hitler, so it isn’t a bad thing that he lost all his power, but it would have been nice if the norwegian government had continued his work in this general area. Like they promised to do. Time and time again. But never did.

There is a railway-station in Tromsø, actually. And 4 metres or something of actual tracks. They were promised a railway by the government, you see, and celebrated this by building a station. And aquiring 4 metres of track to pass this station. The train never arrived, and the station is now one of the pubs in Tromsø with probably the highest age-average. (Oh, and I’ve been there and will be there again, because I loved it a bit…) As for the 4 metres of train-tracks, they are leant up against some wall. 4 metres of train-tracks aiming for the sky. A true railway to heaven.

Anyways, I’m clearly trailing of, and I’ve lost all track of time, so I think this will be it for today….

Forever yours,

(Ps.: None of the facts in this entry have been checked against accurate sources. So it may be 8 metres of railway and not 4… Please don’t choo me! And I don’t think there’s any big mistakes, I’m just covering my tracks…)

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I’m on the move, people!

I started cleaning out my apartment, but it’s taking forever. Mostly because I’m trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible, which means I have to go through everything, and that takes time.

But the moving feels good. Real good! Today I got rid of my living-room table (I gave it to a friend who wanted it…), in two days the charity-shop will hopefully come pick up my fridge, television, 4 chairs, some kitchen-stuff, and whatever else I’m throwing up. I’ve sorted through all my clothes (I have A LOT of clothes) and I’m sending about one fourth of it to the local refuge-asylum. And my plan for the night: Sorting through all my shoes. And actually giving some of them away. And it hurts!

Another thing that hurts is my body after working out today, so I decided to reward myself with a glass of whiskey while cleaning out my apartment. Result: I’m sitting in front of the computer with a glass of whiskey NOT cleaning out my apartment… And I got paper in my mouth! Apparently there was paper in the glass. It tasted dry, in spite of the liquor being wet. (Duh, I know!)

I will now continue my cleaning, and you can enjoy this picture of Blonde-Frida in a near-empty apartment:

I know, I look awkward and uncomfortable. The floor was cold, and I dislike posing for a webcam rather than a real person with a camera.


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I’ve been working on this blogpost for days, and it’s turning out more personal than I first planned to make it. Readers and co-authors, please forgive me for this.

When it comes to politics, I believe in revolutions. The sudden and dramatic change, hopefully from worse to better, seems like a good idea to me. It’s a fantastic concept, like ripping off a band-aid; It’s quick, effective, and almost painless.

Now the question seems to be: Does this theory apply to regular life? Does it apply to my life? Should the changes be quick, or is it smart to wait and think it over?

For the past years I have wanted to live many other places than Bodø. I stayed here for reasons I can no longer understand, and for a person who broke my heart. So why stay any longer?
I thought I was staying for another year to give me closure, and realized after some time that the closure I was looking for I already had. So now I have mixed emotions, and butterflies going crazy in my stomach.

I realize that this isn’t making much sense, so let me explain:
I was in Tromsø (The Paris of the North) last weekend, for a conference. It has been my plan to move there in 8 months with a friend, to continue my studies. And then the thought hit me: Why wait? In 2 months I will have finished my first year of political science (I started in the spring-semester), the plan is then to retake 2 exams and add a third subject. I can do that in any school, including at the University in Tromsø. I have nothing to lose by leaving Bodø, and a whole lot more to gain.

I have found something, or rather someone, that makes me happy. And why shouldn’t I take a leap of faith and go for it?
I have been playing with this thought for some months now, and the weekend made it all so clear to me: I need to do what’s best for me.

What’s best for me, right now, seems to be change. I need a big change. A new place. Some new people. I need clean slates. These are all the clichées, I know!

So what say ye, readers of the blog: Should I jump? Rip the band-aid straight off? Have a revolution of my own? Or should I stick to the plan, and stay put for 8 more months?

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Music to suit my mood: Maria Mena – I’m In Love

Maria Mena – I’m in love


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