I am Bjørn, but you can call me King Burnie, or admin for short. I’m the man with the plan (that always changes), and the questionable work-ethics.

I’m 20 years old, and I live in Stavanger, Norway, where I study computer engineering. I’m very into politics, so my blogposts are actually more likely to be political in nature than technological,King Burnie, the admin but fret not, there will be plenty of that too. I’m what you would call a communist, though it’s not quite that simple. While I’m in both the socialist party Rødt and it’s daughter organization, Rød Ungdom, I sympathize with the conservative party every now and then. I’m the leader of Stavanger Rød Ungdom.

As for computers, I’m getting quite good with Java thanks to my studies, but my heart lies with C and her derivatives, and Python. I plan on uploading some finished projects, and possibly unfinished ones as well, to a dedicated page here on BRBcoffee.com. If you stumble upon a very angry blog entry about a very specific part of a programming language, you can be 99% sure that your beloved king has hit a snag, and is not a happy programmer. Rest easy though, no macs have been harmed by my programmer’s temper so far.

And that’s it! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on our blog!
Also my twitter is awesome, you should follow me!

Oh, also, wanna buy me a beer? Pretty please?

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